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    Spuds DSC Plugin

    Hi Spud & Others

    I have installed the plugin; I have the Envisalink4.
    It has found 17 zones and I have set up my ID on DSC as my HomeSeer Profile Name, all great.
    However in
    Spud has a closed door, open door, and running chap for motion symbols.

    On mine they look like green and red padlocks, I am using the 64 power series. Now when I configured (well still in building&commissioning) my home
    I set some to night only zones - would this make a difference and give me padlocks?

    The thing why this bothers me is that my Kensia PIRs register on my DSC panel but do not register on my HomeSeer, the padlocks stay green.

    The door sensors however do work; and the padlock turns red.

    Any advice would be great.
    I got a feeling I may need to dig out my setup guide and reconfigure my PIRS on the DSC?



    I changed the icons recently to the new contemporary ones in version

    If you want the new icons, delete your EnvisaLink devices, install the new version, and then let the plugin recreate the devices.
    By default all zones have the closed/open door icon (equivalent to the old close/open lock). If you want to change an icon to the running chap for motion for example, you have to do it manually from the "status graphics" tab.

    I don't know why your PIR do not registers on homeseer, do they work on the local envisalink page, i.e http://envisalink?



      Thank you; that has sorted it and updated; I have now learnt how to change icons. Little more practice and I may even get good at this!

      The solution to the PIRs was just a reset;
      its amazing what a good sleep can do! I guess I was probably seeing things that early anyway ha ha