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Arming DSC

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    Arming DSC

    Hello All

    I think I am lacking a little understanding about my DSC system; which I have realized as working on my HSTouch HMI. This is more about basic understanding how others implement their systems?

    What exactly is the difference between:
    • Arm Stay
    • Arm Away
    • Arm Zero Delay.

    I have upstairs PIRs set as zone definition 37.
    I have downstairs PIRs set as 05.
    I also have external doors which are set at 01 or 02 (delay 1&2).
    And internal doors as 26 (indication only)


    Arm Stay: your home and the perimeter is arm. If a perimeter zone is breeched, it will go into alarm.

    Arm Away: the premises are fully armed and a breech will cause the alarm to go into alarm

    Alarm zero delay: instant arming... For example, you left home and forgot arm, you are not going to exit and therefore, you want it to arm without any delay.


      I don't think that has made to much sense.
      Does that mean the devices I have set on definition 37 (night) will not activate alarms in 'Arm Stay'.

      I only have one perimeter.
      How does it know which sensors are which when arming in Away or Stay.

      Also do you know if Spud's plugin reports bypass status?



        You are more likely to get responses to you questions if you ask them in the forum for the plug-in.
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          Originally posted by smokeycoles View Post
          Also do you know if Spud's plugin reports bypass status?
          no it doesn't because the panel does not send this information.


            Correct, The zone definition determines the behaviour and 37 is basically the same as 05.

            You should have been provide a program sheet that details the zone types. Other than that, you won't know.

            No, it won't display bypass status as it is not exposed through the TPI. You can read about this in the Eyezon forum for more details. Grandwizard provides the response in several of their threads.

            37 Night Zone: Functions like Interior Stay/Away but will remain bypassed if the user presses [,][1] to re-activate Stay/Away zones
            when armed in the Stay Mode



              Thank you for the help; I will post in the correct forums.