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Set Status Value of a Device - Solved!

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    Set Status Value of a Device - Solved!


    I am struggling to understand posts/pages on how to set a status change?

    eg something like:
    hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(524, 2)

    This should allow me to use StatusTracking in HSTouch.
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    What are you trying to do? You also need to add true after the 2 on what you have above for it to work.


      Hi Wayne
      Thank you

      I modified my design a little.

      A button named front door operates a script. (Working)

      The script moves the camera and changes the status of a virtual device. (Working)

      Virtual Device in HomeSeer (Working)
      FOSCAM HALLWAY Front Door Location
      - 0 OFF
      - 100 ON

      Now the code works
      When I press the button, the camera moves and the virtual device switches on. When I select another preset ie Kitchen - the one above turns off.
      That is working fine.

      So I now want to make that button Status Tracked to the Virtual Device

      I have selected Status TrackingNormal with Use Status Image.
      I have added a Status Image with MatchStatus Off
      I have done the same with Match Status On

      But when I deploy; the button disappears?
      Well its still there just doesn't show a status

      Any ideas?


        Match status doesn't work in designer. You need to use match value. It's a pain sometimes, buts what I do without issue.


          Mine does not even work with match values...
          It's frustrating as Designer shows it on screen correctly, then when you deploy to the tablet - it does not work.
          I am thinking its because its a virtual root device.

          I am ready to give up.

          I have the latest server plugin and designer - this software is rubbish, a complete rip off for what it costs.


            Someone else was having the same issue. What type of device? I am using android and Windows and both show ok.

            I run an older version of the Windows client though.


              Under "Status Graphics" change the setting on "Status-Control" to be "Both". That should allow tracking to work properly.

              HomeSeer Pro, HS3Touch, Zwave, Envisalink DSC, WeatherXML, Z-stick, HS phone, Way2Call


                Selecting Both for Status Tracking Updates Solution.

                Wayne, Fred

                Appreciate your help - I had to get out and take a break, decided a cup of tea and lunch was needed! Apologies

                However Fred - that worked well. Never would have thought selecting Both would have worked.

                It now does track status which is amazing as I can see which preset I have selected on the camera. Very happy with that - as it tells me what its currently doing. Awesome.

                Thank you both so much for the help.

                I hope this benefits others.

                Thanks again

                For further info - restarting the HSTouch app also re-displayed missing icons even after deploying.
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