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    Homeseer HS100WD+

    I ran into an interesting problem with Hs100WD+ dimmer. If anyone has an answer why, an answer would be much appreciated.

    Scenario: dimming an outlet with a wall switch at 100%, the outlet measures 73v ...

    On the wall switch itself:
    hot to neutral = 123v;
    hot to ground = 123v;

    load to neutral 73v .. it is not the outlets fault

    replace the dimmable wall switch with a binary on/off HS100WS+
    Load to neutral = 122v ... works as expected

    two hours of troubleshooting later ... I plug in an actual light into the outlet and discover that on the wall switch

    load to neutral =111v , unplug the load light and load to neutral drops to 73v.

    The conclusion here is that the HS100WD requires some type of load or you get low voltage reading even if a switch is turned on to maximum power setting.

    Does anyone know why?


    The HS dimmers use Forward Phase Control for dimming. They alter the waveform coming out of them such that it is no longer a true sine wave. Additionally I am reasonably certain they determine the type of load they are controlling and alter the waveform accordingly. Since your meter is designed to read RMS voltage based upon a true sine wave, it will not be able to accurately report the voltage from these dimmers since the waveform is modified. Further, since they alter the waveform characteristics based upon the detected load, what your meter sees will be different depending on the load.

    Macromark posted this link explaining phase control.


      Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.