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    I thought I would post this to general discussion for help.

    What is the current best way to control SONOS devices in HSTouch?

    From my understanding the "Basic Music" in Default in HSTouch - is only suitable for ITunes. Of course you can use the buttons and reconfigure or create buttons manually to control a SONOS speaker.

    However how do you browse music using HSTouch to change your song (not by next and previous).. ie album selection.

    The only logical thing I can think of is to use a text element as HTML and refer to the SONOS plugin html page for the speaker.

    Is there a better way?
    If so can anyone advise how, and if at all possible provide screenshots?

    I would also like a way to select radio stations from my android hsTouch device?


    I think the long and short of it realistically is that HSTouch in it's current position will never have the flexibility and level of control offered in the same way that the Sonos app does (or the Sonos plugin web page). There are numerous things that would need to be done to add rich controls to HSTouch to get it into that position that I don't see happening any time soon. The WMP plugin in HS2 (and other media plugins for HS2) got into a position of having reasonable media library browsing and control but it still was not without faults and could at times get lost and confused when browsing albums and had only basic controls to add things to playlists.

    Your options are to embed the HTML as you suggest or just have basic control in HSTouch and do the rest in the app, that is essentially what I do as you can see here -

    I have volume/mute for each zone, a status, album art and then a button for two radio stations and a playlist. That is essentially where I am going to leave it and do the rest from the app.


      I think that is sound advice thank you.
      I really like your interface too.