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RGBW LED ceiling downlights

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    RGBW LED ceiling downlights

    Hey guys. I have a HS setup in my newly renovating apartment and I would like to control some downlights in the corridor with HS. I am used to X10 setups. So I know I can just use a 240V lighting mains module and intercept the signals to the standard downlights. But I was thinking maybe a neater solution exists.

    I found heaps of these RGBW LED downlights on eBay. Example here

    I have three questions please:
    1. What's the primary technology used in this?
    2. Can these lights be individually addressed?
    3. Is there a plug in available to control these in HS?

    Thanks in advance, guys/gals.

    As the Ebay posting does not give any detail about the WiFi controller or its standalone remote control, it is very difficult to know how these operate. In the heading, they do say 4 zone which is similar to the MiLight/LimitlessLED/Easybulb ranges. In essence, you can assign lamp(s) to one of 4 zones.

    Unless you can get more details from the supplier, you are taking a risk as you would also need to purchase a wifi controller box which may/may not be compatible.

    If it is the MiLight range, I do have a Windows Homeseer plugin for these.


      Thanks Jon. I might take a chance and buy one and see how it goes with MiLight.