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Request for some Work (Scripting)

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    Request for some Work (Scripting)

    Hi All

    Please see the image below - it uses the a plugin page url from the HS3 webserver.

    I would like a way of removing the HS3 header and footer from any URL.

    The way I am thinking (not necessarily correct) is to use a webpage in the HS3 html directory. Which takes a url (so the page can be copied) and strips the body content from a ""

    Ideally this is for the SONOS plugin, I am willing to make a donation.
    (I don't have a lot) although would be happy to discuss a price.
    The page would still need to work.

    Please notice I have scrolled mid-way down the page and the header is still at the top of the page.

    Even if the author does not have a SONOS device; I think the plugin config page can still be accessed. It is hardcoded in the plugin so its not like there are html pages to be easily edited. Hence my idea to use another page to strip the body content from a url?

    Would any one be interested?

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    It would be easier if you just hid the header using something called an iFrame.

    Copy the attached code to Notepad.

    Change the /deviceutility bit to the Sonos page name you wish to display.

    Finally save the code to your html directory and call it Sonoslist.html

    If you call up Sonoslist.html in your Homeseer Webserver, you should now see the page without the header.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <div style="overflow: hidden; max-width: 1000px;">
    <iframe scrolling="no" src="/deviceutility" style="border: 0px none; height: 1000px; margin-top: -52px; width: 1000px;">



      That is superb - I owe you a pint; and have made a small donation (for some reason in dollars for some strange reason).

      Anyway just a small thank you for your help and PMs.

      I can launch the SONOS app using the SONOS button; or if I click on the current album art, title, or room logo - it takes me from the quad to the double version and that's where I can select my albums. The track scroll bar is status only but moves with the song correctly.

      Please see below:

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        Thanks very much, however it really was not necessary!

        You screens look great BTW! You may have to live with the track bar being status only.