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    Fibaro RGBW


    Can some one please help me.

    I have a Fibaro RGBW module; connected I have a RGB strip +12v.

    This is the manual:

    I am trying to understand if there is a parameter to select RGB instead of RGBW.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    I think I may have figured it out:

    RGB (Toggle)
    Parameter: 14
    Hex: 4440
    Dec: 17,472

    RGB (Rainbow)
    Parameter: 14
    Hex: 3330
    Dec: 13,104

    Does anyone know or agree?
    Thanks Chris


      I got the above wrong.

      I haven't sussed out how to sort the RGBW; but to achieve rainbow mode:
      This can be done:
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        Not sure what you are trying to do.
        For the RGB, just don't connect anything to the w (white) connection.

        For the other sequences, see Here

        I don't think values 0-5 do anything.


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          I may not have explained very well.

          The Fibaro Module is an RGBW Controller.

          I only have attached a RGB strip.

          This means that when I select yellow; it has a really bad green tint to it as I imagine it uses the white channel. The same when I use the Fireplace predefined program; I get the lovely firey flicker but its got a strong green tint to it... not a redish/orange tint you would expect.
          So I am asking is there a way to make it see that I only have RGB not RGBW led strip.

          Thank you


            Originally posted by smokeycoles View Post
            This means that when I select yellow; it has a really bad green tint to it as I imagine it uses the white channel.
            That's nothing to do with whether white is used or not, it is because the coloured LED sources are not matched. IOW the green LEDs are much more intense than the red so if they are fed the same current you will get a green bias. Adding white won't change the colour, it will just desaturate it.

            Bear in mind that these are dirt cheap devices and not designed to produce accurate colours, just colour of some sort.

            If you want a specific colour you will have to generate it yourself by adjusting the individual R,G and B levels.

            P.S. I have a couple of these modules myself and just haven't connected the W output and ignore the control in HS. I had to create a green shade that I wanted by adjusting RGB values individually.


              I am sure you are right; as the individual colours when using the RGB Hex code selector is also off for orange and yellow.
              I have found that yellow is best at R:77% G:30% B:0%, and orange: R:100%, G:14%, b:0% -
              which is not close to the yellow (ffff00 R:100% G:100% B:0%) and orange (ff7f00 R:100% G:49% B:0%)
              Although cheap for the strips - I would have hoped there would have been a bit of testing in the initial design to get a balance for mass production.

              Is there any way to create a orange & yellow bias with Fibaro modules?

              If not - for the fireplace preset; is it possible to replicate this preset but with custom RGB colours through the modules parameters?



                I have been thinking of using one of these as well

                I am currently having a house built but I had the builder install a receptacle up in the crown molding around the trayed ceiling so I can have LED accent lighting

                How have they been working for you and how is the control from HomeSeer?
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                  I tried one of these Fibaro devices out but then went with the Mi-Light four zone wifi system after using both.


                    I have used one for years.

                    You get 4 "dimmers" and some power devices. I don't use the power devices hence I have no idea whether they are working. The "dimmers" are in use every day.

                    I think I have had one time where I had to reboot the device.

                    Mine is old. There’s properly a better firmware out now.

                    Fibaro System Type:
                    0x900 ID:
                    0x1000 Listens:
                    Yes Version: 352 (Unknown) Firmware: 2222



                      The FibaroRGBW is good yes - Paul helped me set mine up, because I had some odd ghost devices however I have it triggered on DSC motion sensors now (soon to be upgraded by aeon or fibaro lux sensors).

                      I have setup two modes of operation - manual and auto.

                      In the evenings in auto - it comes on in rainbow mode at 8pm, after 9pm aurora mode, and after 10pm <6am i have set a dim orange or a purple colour on alternating days which is great (thanks to Randys tutorial). It comes on for 30secs which is plenty of time each time DSC sees motion (Spuds plugin).

                      The modes are great but can be limited by the LED strip; ie my fireplace has a green glow rather than red because the colour is more prominent as discussed above..

                      I control it all from my tablet using HSTouch dimmer functions.
                      Using it from the web interface isn't difficult but I personally don't feel its a great interface, and you cannot make any more modes at least I cant work out how and Fibaro didnt bother contacting me - they ignored me.

                      All in all - very very happy with it.

                      6/10 due to the poor support Fibaro gave,

                      However use the expertise and wealth on here and it would get a 8/10.
                      -1 for led strip incorrect fireplace colour and no way to offset green.
                      -0.5 for not being able to have more modes
                      -0.5 for a reasonable interface in HS3.
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                        Thanks - it looks great
                        Love your HSTouch screen - very cool
                        I have not played with HSTouch yet but I might give it a try
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                          I have two of these Fibaro RGBW dimmers in use. The main one is used on the stairs as a night light with 4 Meters+ of RGB LED strip. I have HS3 turning the LED strip ON 45 minutes before sunset and then OFF 10 minutes after sunrise. I have it on very dim (R,G & B at Level 5), so it uses very little power - The Fibaro module registers this as 0W ! I did for a time have a Z-wave battery powered PIR to brighten it up to 70% when movement was detected, but the PIR kept eating batteries. It's bright enough anyway.
                          As for the RGB strip, I purchased mine from Costco (UK), and they come as 5M with a IR transmitter and receiver. I cut the IR controller off and let the Fibaro RGBW module control it. Colour accuracy with this LED tape is quite good. I think Smokycoles will need to experiment with some resistors to get his balanced (Unless there is a way to offset outputs in the parameters) ! I think I could have also used the IR dimmer as an extra control into the inputs on the Fibaro controller (The IR remote could then control HS3 via the Fibaro RGBW inputs), but I simply don't need that.
                          Good controller + Good LED strip = Happy Wife !
                          Smokeycoles: The fire and the lightning effects look excellent with the Costco LED strip.
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                            Thank you for the advice, could you post a link to it?
                            I got mine from eBay


                              Originally posted by smokeycoles View Post
                              Thank you for the advice, could you post a link to it?
                              I got mine from eBay
                              Hi, I can't see it on the Costco website, I'll have a look in the store next week to see if they have any left. I bought it just to play with it, but when I saw the Fibaro RGBW controller, it gained a real purpose