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    Simple 3D Home Software

    Hi All

    I would like to build a 3D house screen (one with a good range of furniture and multi floors).
    can anyone recommend some very easy to use and simple software?
    Preferably free.
    Possibly provide samples of what you have created and what you like most?


    I think a lot of people on here use SweetHome 3D


      Thanks Cherry

      I found these two on the HSTouch Screens, I would love to do something like the authors of these.
      They are both superb.
      Homes in the UK are so different! Very jealous ha ha
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        That is insane... and not in a good way, especially the second example. It's way to busy on the eyes. Have you considered a simple top-down flat view of each floor on its own screen?


          I don't think it is insane - personally what I do (although without Eye Candy) is use a 3-D model of the house I did in Autocad. Colors are trash, but again, I don't care, the model is what I care about.

          Basically, I use a drill down. You are first presented with a ISO of the house. Select the top 1/3 of the image, middle 1/3 or bottom 1/3. From there you are taken to a TOP down of the entire floor. For the basement, that is as far as you go (2-3 things on there...).

          For the other floors, you get the entire floor with a few basic things on there. Some main lights, especially for halls. Maybe some status of doors, etc. Just the important things one wants to look at / control quickly (events - for instance night time, open/close the garage door, etc.). From there, you can select a ROOM (I only have 2 rooms done at this time). In that room you get ALL the options / accessories. If the room is the living room, you are presented with what USED to control my stereo and TV. We've since put a new TV in there and it is not integrated at this time.

          Just a sample of what I did. No real images as again, it's trash eye-candy wise, but it sure works as I wanted it to.

          Tasker, to a person who does like walking up to a Crack Treatment facility with a truck full of 3lb bags of crack. Then for each person that walks in and out smack them in the face with an open bag.


            Hi Guys

            Please remember, these are other peoples work and all work submitted is good when shared even if its not to others taste, and I've put them up as examples.

            I am happy to share my images now - I made using Sweet Home 3D.
            My house has floors.
            It is an amazing bit of software, which is free too.
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              Amazing job!

              I never could get the family to use the touchscreens and now they only use the Echo to control most things.
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