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    Need a little help moving the file from my Mac to the Zee. I must not be getting the command correct. I can change the directory but not doing something right with the copy command.

    Here is where the zip file is located on my computer...

    /Users/pmp350/Desktop/PHLocation Files/

    Would you write the correct command so I can copy and paste, please?


    AARPaul in Florida


      The easiest thing to do is copy it with FileZilla to a folder that you do have permissions in. A sure bet is homeseer's home directory. /home/HomeSeer/ Usually anyway. Then copy to correct folder in the HomeSeer root folder. From anywhere this will work:

      $ sudo (heh, spellchecker keeps changing sudo to suck) cp /home/homeseer/file_to_move /usr/local/HomeSeer/Updates3/Zips/

      If you want to keep the same file name you don't have to type it in again. If you want to change it type the new name after the last /.

      Edit: /home/HomeSeer should be /home/homeseer
      Capitalization matters in linux.



        It's installed!!

        Thanks for all the help!!


          And now for more help............

          I'm understand the concept with GeoFencing. I need help setting up the server. I have no idea as to what port to use on my router.

          Any suggestions? I have an ASUS RT-AC88U.

          I'm already thinking about going back to the SEL. Already using 3 of my 5 plug-in allotment and still have another one to add after I het PHLocation up and running.

          Everybody has been great helping me out on this. I have officially turned off my Smartthings network because I'm confident I can set things up the way I want with help from my new friends.

          Thanks again,

          AARPaul in Florida