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Giving up on camera integration with HS3 Touch

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    Giving up on camera integration with HS3 Touch

    Just a note to people banging their heads working on the HS3 Touch / Camera integration.

    I went through the whole learning curve and finally learned to place cameras on the HS3 Touch interface. Worked fine.

    Then I added cameras, for a total of 4 - still seemed to work ok.

    But in the end I realized something. If there are any small issues with even one camera - the Touch interface freezes or experiences issues. The cameras also have the potential to cause performance issues even when everything is going ok.

    I discovered Blue Iris and it is the answer to all those issues. There is no comparison to the on-site display, and the mobile display available in Blue Iris.

    I am now officially giving up on the HS3 Touch integration. It does not make sense, at least for me. You can do much better with software made for the task.