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Cant remove Zwave node

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    Cant remove Zwave node

    I have two nodes 50 and 51; they belong to the same Fibaro Roller Shutter 2. I have been having issues with a curtain rail installation.

    I am unable to remove these nodes, I use HS3 to exclude as per normal - the manual says to exclude the node press the B button or S1 - I do and I get nothing.

    I have also tried toggling it three times in a very quick manner, both S1, S2 and B button. I have even tried cutting the power and excluding, then powering up (like normal inclusion but it does not work).

    I think I am going to go with a hard reset of the module again, but node 51 is working (I think) - I am unsure if my curtain track or the module is working. But I know that 50 is defiantly a duplicate which cant configure correctly as its actually 51 - how do I remove it?

    Is there a hard way to remove it from the stick without exclusion so node 50 goes and wont appear on the next full optimize or light scan?
    Or am I just really missing something?