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Help with tying status to button for gate and garage door.

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    Help with tying status to button for gate and garage door.

    My gate (which closes automatically after a delay) and my garage door both each work on a single button that triggers both open and close. I have a separate sensor on each to tell me if it is open or closed that is connected to Homeseer as well.

    I set up an event to be a push button for each the gate and the garage door to control them with Imperihome. I then set up a virtual device for the sensor to tell me if it is open or closed. However, I have to have two icons - one to press to trigger the action and another to show the status.

    My question is can I tie these together to have the status of each button to represent the status from the sensor thus having one button that both triggers the action and represents the status.

    This has to be possible, I just can figure it out. Hope this makes sense.

    Still haven't figured this out. Anyone?


      Yes, you can do it. You have to be careful to avoid confusing yourself, but it works well for me.
      1. Create a button.
      2. Select the button, then choose Status Tracking Normal (Status Associations) and assign it to the device for your status sensor. Right image below.
      3. Choose what you want to display on the button depending on the status. Right image: Status Colors (Collection)
      4. Choose an action for the button press. Left image: Actions When Released. (I find the action when released is more reliable than action when pressed.)
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