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Replaced Garage Door Opener

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    Replaced Garage Door Opener

    We had the garage door opener nicely automated using a Linear GD00Z-4 connected to our Craftsman opener. All was well until the opener itself passed away and we replaced it with a new Craftsman 54985 with "AssureLink" (not gonna use that feature). All the Craftsman controls work fine, and the HomeLink controls in the cars work fine.

    I suspected that the Linear would end up having trouble when I discovered that wired door control (the one that goes on the wall) had to be synchronized to the opener like a wireless remote would be. Wiring for the Linear is per the instructions, with the Linear's connections into the Craftsman using the same connections as the Craftsman wired door control.

    When Linear tries to operate the door, the opener flashes the 3rd error code in the attached list, "The wires for the door control are shorted or the door control is faulty..." I've checked the wiring, reversed the wiring (Linear says it doesn't care), all to no avail. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the opener requires more smarts than the Linear's simple open/close-the-circuit can send.

    However, I've not found a replacement/upgrade for the Linear. Anyone run into this before? Suggestions?

    Thanks, all.
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    From Linear's website:

    "Since 2013 some garage door opener manufacturers have incorporated custom
    features that utilize a proprietary interface from the wall button to the motor. The
    GD00Z does not support these special interfaces."

    I'm not sure how handy you are electrically but there is at least one way to get around this. I ran into the same thing a few years ago with a LiftMaster 3800 which actually has a secure wireless wall controller. I carefully opened up the wall controller and soldered a pair of leads in parallel with the push button contacts on the controller's circuit board and brought them out to a terminal block. I then attached the Linear to the terminal block so it could simulate the button press. This has been working flawlessly on two doors for the last couple of years. Of course this will void the warranty on your wall controller but...

    Hope this helps,


      Now that seems brilliantly simple. If I'm willing to risk the cost of a replacement button, why not?

      Thanks, I really do wish I had thought of that.