Ok so I think I have broke a Zwave rule here or maybe this is common and there's an easy fix - but I have ccts where I use Zwave switches or relays with Zwave bulbs. Then operating a Zwave bulb without power causes a bit of a system hault at least until HS3 reports the error in its log. (This is like sending any Zwave device switched off - a command).

So the issues are:

Fibaro Relay >> 1x Zipato Bulb

Daughters Room:
Fibaro Relay >> Aeon Labs Bulb

Living Room:
2gang MCO switch >> 2x Zipato Bulbs

My question is if there is a way when z-wave commands are sent to one of these switched off bulbs that the z-wave plugin/controller/HS3/node first checks that the z-wave switch is ON?

Specifically looking at capturing any zwave command (rgbw bulbs have lots of functionality). I'm not sure a HS3 event is the solution here?

Can this be done; and if so can you make it relatively simple for me to follow?