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Wired home automation system question

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  • Pete
    Welcome to the Homeseer forum Lou!

    Here is a guide to wiring your home for automation which is posted over on Cocoontech.

    [Guide] Wiring your new house 101

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  • Pahountis
    Guest started a topic Wired home automation system question

    Wired home automation system question

    I'm in the process of building a house and want to have it all prepared for a home automation system - lights, controls, audio, tv, security, cameras.

    I don't want to spend a fortune on a third-party to come in and wire the house, so wondering if there's a simple/quick DIY package or some guidance that someone can provide. Just want to get the 'pipes' in place; initially will install cameras, then have a third-party security company take care of the windows and doors.

    Thanks in advance!