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Controller Dead?

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    Controller Dead?

    Need a consult.

    I've had a simple stable z-wave lighting system controlled by my M1Gold security panel since 2005. I've periodically replaced or added switches as needed using a HA07 Homepro controller as the network primary controller without a problem.
    The other day I bought a number of HS-WS-100+ wall switches to make all the older switches in the house consistent in paddle operation. several of the switches were Levnor, others were older HS switches (all 3-wire) . the new HS switch are an exact replacement.
    However, I can't get any of the new HS switches to "add" to the network with my HA07. I've tried resetting the switch from the HA07 and using the manual factory reset process on the switch itself.... No joy. I also tried to exclude a current working switch in another location. But, HA07 didn't recognize the switch that I know is in its database. I'm thinking the HA07 has finally died!
    Before I go through the process of factory resetting all the switches and using a new primary controller to reestablish the network I thought I'd ask if anyone had any other ideas?
    Thanks for ant thoughts offered.

    That HA07 is most likely too old to speak with this newer switches.


      Z-Troller and secondary controllers

      I was hoping that was not the case.
      A follow-on question if I may. I have an early Z-Troller From back when I was running events from Homeseek. Now I use the ELK M1 for the few event I need and no longer run Homeseer. If I use the Z-Troller as a primary controller and rediscover all my nodes with it. Is there a way to load the Z-Troller primary controller DB info into a secondary controller (the M1 Gold Zwave interface act as a secondary controller). There is nothing in my Z-Troller documentation (or the message board) I can find about being able to do this without being connected to HS.

      Thanks for the reply. Good to know you are still available to offer help to folks after all these years.

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