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Suggestion for RGBW Christmas Light strings

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    Suggestion for RGBW Christmas Light strings

    I am looking for a high quality RGBW XMas lightbulb strings. I'd like to mount the bulbs permanently and use them on multiple occasions with different colors. Naturally I'd prefer to have HS3 control over the colors and effects.

    Here are 2 sets I found that might work. I will have to dig a bit deeper and maybe buy them and give them a trial.

    Our local Costco is offering the GE Color Effects bulbs. This largish G28 size 36-LED set can be daisy chained up to 7 sets. I have not been able to ascertain if they are RGBW or just an addressable solid color bulb. The marketing information states there are 6 colors? A few years ago there were several posts about using an Arduino to control the 1-wire data bus of similar GE bulbs but I am not sure if these strings are compatible with the hacked version.

    The other interesting product is AppLights SmartLights. These bulbs are a bit smaller C9 size. The set is 24 bulbs allowing 8 sets to be strung together. Smartphone controllable.

    Love to hear what you are doing with your holiday light strings.

    I made ceiling lights with them as can be seen here

    And stair light

    And i use them for my mesh network controlled garden light system of which i will post later a more detailed post
    - Bram

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      Thanks AR,
      That is a neat light system for your office. Are you Bram? I have visited that site a few times in the past and always see some interesting things. That staircase looks great by the way.

      I am hoping to have 3 or 4 strings of strawberry shaped Christmas type exterior weatherproof lights that can be individually addressed to be any color, any brightness, a mix of colors and a mix of effects patterns.

      Every year at Christmas time I am always surprised by the how many houses have elaborate displays of lights all choreographed to music. Not interested in choreographed dancing LED displays but my searching has led me (pun intended) to doityourselfchristmas dot com where, as a newby to "glowhouses" as we call them, I am learning a new language of pixels, dmx's, universes and lets not forget the vixen. Who knew Christmas could be so complicated?