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    Just finally managed to get my UZB interface recognized in HS3-Pro running on Windows 7 Pro in a VM on ProxMox (PVE).
    Thought I had some issues mapping the USB port from the host machine to the guest VM, but in the end it turned out to be the driver files of which caused a small issue.

    I found the solution here:
    Basically, I could not get the drivers installed, which I found on the website. After unzipping the ZIP file I did briefly notice that the folder name was green, instead of the usual black, but did not py much attention to that.
    Turns out this means the folder and its contents is encrypted. You have to remove the encrytion in the properties of the folder, before installing the driver.
    Now all is working great! HomeSeer automatically recognized the interface as COM3, and I did not even needed to restart HomeSeer, or restart the VirtualMachine, nothing like that, it just worked instantly after installing the driver.