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HDMI-cec plugin request/HomeSeer as Node Zero!

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    HDMI-cec plugin request/HomeSeer as Node Zero!

    This is a call out to the best of the best!!

    As you all know that quite often that someone comes along asking how to get their Media Devices controlled by HomeSeer eigther by matrices or by remote controls.
    But do you also know that most modern including some old equipment (Media Devices) all come with HDMI-cec ? :
    What if there was a plugin for HDMI-cec server app in the update or otherwise ====> "Genie out of the bottle" The nearest example to what this would look like is the MediaController plugin.
    Result ===> having a pool of devices participating in the feild of cec commands on the network so in the HomeSeer events you could choose devices to pick by say ROOM or as per choice to trigger.
    It's also true that I'm not a coder but I love the connected world (IoT). I'm also not the first to think of this because think of the guys who created HDMI-cec but only that they did not think that one day HomeSeer would also love to play the "GAME"

    Has something similar (Network based) done before? Yes of couse, take a look at this :KWIKWAIKODI and I'm using it. But the call out is for all especially those with Blue-ray players,AMPs without plugins in the updater and Video projectors and or Media/Music Streamers. If this has already been done I would very much love know about it. Yes! the equipment could talk within the same cabinet but then again you have to invest in HDMI extenders to control them in other rooms. And yes I know what you are thinking (You can control them with events) But did I also say that some devices have no plugins in the Updater but have built in HDMI-cec?

    I would appreciate your feedback.

    And thank you all.

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