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Home Energy Meter Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095

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  • devoir
    technical Publications


    many thanks for this information...

    I'm glad to know we can seek technical assistance for this product.....


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  • mattgam
    For just about all Aeon Labs products if you Google for the Engineering Manager you will find a link to more technical info. Unfortunately for this product the manual is just z-wave config paramters. See the following:

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  • devoir
    started a topic Home Energy Meter Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095

    Home Energy Meter Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095

    Okay this is one of my few pet Peeves "Lack of technical information"

    Marketing driving a product without any technical facts to a tech savvy community........

    My formal education is a power system engineer..... this website link and information is total Beef-sheet..... where are the facts or data to back this up?

    I can't find any technical specifications on the data retrieval.... this is yet another BS marketing ploy to dupe the uneducated into buying things that look cool.... While it might actually do something... so where are the facts in a simple format.... not some artful website glittery format that does nothing....

    Where can I see these answers:

    how big of a cable does it clamp around?
    What is the max capacity?
    What is the time accuracy or it's readings?
    what is the short circuit rating of it's readings?
    what is the millisecond reading while current is flowing?
    do we get a time stamp for the data captured

    what other parameters can I see?


    I'm torqued because yet again some marketing geek put this product on the website and no technical details are linked to the page listed.... if they are the it is such small print It's not obvious to me.......

    I am interested in this yet is has no scientific details to support purchasing this product...

    I'm willing to be corrected and be humbly straightened out ...but show me the facts in a simple straight forward manner...