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Home Energy Meter Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095

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    Home Energy Meter Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095

    Okay this is one of my few pet Peeves "Lack of technical information"

    Marketing driving a product without any technical facts to a tech savvy community........

    My formal education is a power system engineer..... this website link and information is total Beef-sheet..... where are the facts or data to back this up?

    I can't find any technical specifications on the data retrieval.... this is yet another BS marketing ploy to dupe the uneducated into buying things that look cool.... While it might actually do something... so where are the facts in a simple format.... not some artful website glittery format that does nothing....

    Where can I see these answers:

    how big of a cable does it clamp around?
    What is the max capacity?
    What is the time accuracy or it's readings?
    what is the short circuit rating of it's readings?
    what is the millisecond reading while current is flowing?
    do we get a time stamp for the data captured

    what other parameters can I see?


    I'm torqued because yet again some marketing geek put this product on the website and no technical details are linked to the page listed.... if they are the it is such small print It's not obvious to me.......

    I am interested in this yet is has no scientific details to support purchasing this product...

    I'm willing to be corrected and be humbly straightened out ...but show me the facts in a simple straight forward manner...


    For just about all Aeon Labs products if you Google for the Engineering Manager you will find a link to more technical info. Unfortunately for this product the manual is just z-wave config paramters. See the following:


      technical Publications


      many thanks for this information...

      I'm glad to know we can seek technical assistance for this product.....




        I installed one of these last night. By no means do I think this is utility grade, but I am very pleased with the data from the last 12 hours.
        I looked at my utility bill for the last few months and determined the average cost per KWH and updated the HS3 default setting under settings. I also compared the voltage it is reporting to my calibrated Fluke. within a tenth of a volt for mine. I didn't have my clamp on but will be checking that as well.
        The children/Parameters that are available

        Amps 1
        Amps 2
        Watts 1
        Watts 2
        KWH 1
        KWH 2

        Volts 1
        Volts 2 (faked I believe, only tap for V is power plug or single breaker Tap, so V1 is used for both


          Under the root device - Zwave -Settings you can configure the value reporting by placing the Parameters in groups, each group has a time value for reporting.

          Watts a I are reporting every 10 seconds
          KWH and V every 120

          I mention this because I had to add the V and I to a group to have them update, only W and KWH were assigned after setup and importing of the meters config.


            HS3 Energy

            If you have this installed or other devices like plug load relays that have energy monitoring built in, you can use the View/Energy and get monitor usage usage and cost (if you enter your cost per kwh as I mentioned above)

            One final answer to your questions, It appears it will handle 4/0 awg wire

            Hope this helps.



              thanks for reporting on the status of what you see......

              I am interested in this device... once you get your setup the way you like please post a few screen shot ... I want to see how you applied it..



                Meter data

                Attached are three snapshots of the meter data.

                I plan on adding one for the Hot Tube just so I can see how much it alone costs me, currently it's drained so no need soon.

                I am also testing the plug module, Aeotec ZW096, currently it's on my Christmas tree and also collects power usage, KWH,W,I,V May use these for submetering.. Unfortunately I purchased GE zwave light switches before I really knew what was possible, in time I will replace them with ones that provide energy usage.

                But for now the main will have to do.
                Attached Files



                  Excellent Post.... I appreciate the information you shared... This is the kind of information I wanted from the Aeotech on this device.... Looks like it will do a great job in this application for you..



                    I wanted to update you, I have a few days of data now and I was able to compare the meter generated HS3 energy graph/usage to my utility company website usage graphics, thay match completely for trending up and down, the actual KWH also seems to be VERY close. I won't know the complete monthly accuracy until the end of January when I have a full month of data. But thought you might want to know that it does appear to be right in line with what the utility company is reading.

                    I feel it is providing great info. For example, I see a huge spike at 6:30 every morning, only one item in my house could be causing it. I also notice a little increase in KWH every 2 to 3 hours then drops back down
                    I was already thinking about replacing this item which by my description, like me you assume it is the water heater. My morning shower followed by maintaining a 60 gallon tank hot for 24 hrs till my next shower.

                    So I plan on getting another unit, just to monitor large loads to assist me in determining the ROI and possibly go to tankless LP HW. Then monitor the Stove and Dryer, who knows how much this could help me save over a 2 to 3 year period. It's nice to have the data to support spending money, to save money.




                      Thanks for the kWh summary I look forward to seeing you analysis.

                      Does the unt also clip on or have connections to each phase? How well do they work?



                        Cannot get Home Energy Monitor to install

                        I have a new ZW095-A and when I try to include it I only get a root device.

                        I have removed and re-added a dozen times. I even moved the ZW095 to within 1 foot of the Z-NetOne Z-Wave interface but that made no difference. I have added with Z-Tool and on the Z-NetOne Web page in HomeSeer.

                        I get errors in the log that says:
                        The device at node 50 should result in 2 child devices being created, but the node interrogation currently has 0. This may still result in a successful child creation.

                        Warning An error (B) was reported attempting to get multi-channel or multi-instance information from node 50

                        I am running the current version of HomeSeer and the latest Z-Wave plugin.

                        Any tricks would be appreciated.


                          Look at post #8 above. Go into the settings and see if any boxes are checked.


                            Check Boxes - BUT

                            In reference to the #8 post in this thread.

                            I do NOT have the list of child devices for Volts, Amps, Watts with the little lightning icons on the left on the screen shot on the top of the three images. Only the root device is listed.

                            The second screen shot with the little checkboxes (Meter (A) Clamp 2 does appear but no matter what I check and save nothing appears except the root device in the the list of child devices with the little lightening icons.

                            I am working with HS Tech support since this is a brand new device ordered from them. They send me a screen shot of their device node and it is an older firmware and has other differences. I think maybe the new device is not compatible with the latests Z-Wave controller plug in.

                            Normally when installed it is NOT associated with HomeSeer and I have have to make that setting.

                            The log file always says this when doing an include or node scan:

                            The device at node 54 should result in 2 child devices being created, but the node interrogation currently has 0. This may still result in a successful child creation.


                            An error (B) was reported attempting to get multi-channel or multi-instance information from node 54

                            I have added and removed the device probably 15 times.


                              can't get any value on the volt and ampere display

                              i can't get any value on the volt and ampere display...watts and watts/hour
                              any idea ?
                              Also how can i set kw value, ideally
                              two different rates for night and day.
                              Thank you