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JSON request - Help within 30 day post purchase period.

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    JSON request - Help within 30 day post purchase period.

    Perhaps the community can help?

    From: [] On Behalf Of HomeSeer Support
    Sent: Tuesday, 29 November 2016 10:09 PM
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    Subject: Re: SUPPORT REQUEST WITHIN 30 DAY PERIOD - please respond.


    We got your help request! One of our agents will respond to you as soon as possible.

    HomeSeer Support

    sent a message Nov 29, 6:09am
    Hello, attempt #2 for support within my 30 day period. (My last attempt went unanswered).

    The JSON command for Homeseer are extremely limited. I count 13 in total.

    I can not for example run a script, I can not run an event and pass a (text) parameter nor it appears set the status string of a device.

    I have a virtual device (DevRef 3779) I want to set the status on via a JSON call.
    (As devices can only have a numerical value in Homeseer, - who thought that was a good idea? - I want to set a device status (text) using JSON. I do not want to define all the possible status texts, there are thousands of combinations.)

    I want to set the device status to be something like the following "V123" or "V++" or "B1-10" etc. via JSON call from a remote system.

    I do not want to write my own plugin for this.
    Says I can use the following to set the a device property.
    Note: It is clearly malformed as it does not have a Device Reference:
    /JSON?request=setdeviceproperty&property=NAME&value=VALUE Sets a specific property on a device using the property name. For example, the "Name" of a device may be set using:


    See the device section in the scripting reference in the HS3 user documentation for a list of device properties.

    Assuming the correct command included "&ref=xxxx" the command is now:

    /JSON?request=setdeviceproperty&ref=xxxxproperty=NAME&value=V ALUE

    This tells me to go see the device section of the scripting reference to get a list of properties.
    Looking at the Scripting help ( ) here, I see the Devices Class has the following:
    Public ReadOnly Property devString(ByVal hs As IHSApplication) As String
    This is the device string for the device. When this property contains a value, it can override the display of the device's normal status display which is based upon the device's value. This property may contain HTML if HTML features are desired to be used when the device is viewed on the device utility page or the status views. This property is Read Only, so script commands must be used to modify the string value such as hs.SetDeviceString

    So, I assume the property is called devString. Is it?

    Is so the following should work. It doesn't.

    { "Response":"error, setting device property:Property set method not found." }

    Interestingly after trawling the forums, I tried this:

    returns { "Response":"ok" }

    So, question. How do I achieve what I am looking for from the JSON call?
    1) Preferably: Run a script and pass parameters
    2) Set Status of a virtual device (and value which will trigger a script to read the status to then action).

    Yours in eternal hope

    I also can't get the JSON setdeviceproperty to work.

    Steve Q

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      Now, all I need is for the support to work Glad I did not pay for support.

      For product help within 30 days of purchase
      option 1: call us directly at 603-471-2816 
      option 2: email
      For product help beyond 30 days of purchase, please use option 2.
      Anyone using paid support? What's it like? Does anyone answer?


        Aaaaand, still nothing.....


          Originally posted by davros View Post
          Aaaaand, still nothing.....
          Did you try calling?
          MeiAutomtion Home


            I am in Australia and while Skype or other IP options exist, it's not a viable option for me.


              if you want to write your own plugin and json while it is convenient does NOT integrate you enough, you must stick to c# or VB using the examples provided online and go from there.

              It takes a bit to get used to but once you are there, you have all the full control you are looking for.

              JSON is very simplistic and on purpose. I'm not sure if they are going to expand it or not since you can just get in there with a plugin module you can completely control.

              you could potentially wrap a stronger json service into a plugin.......... food for thought.

              good luck


                Thanks for posting UltimateInternet. Much appreciate the suggestion.

                I may infact sadly end up writing my own plugin (or leveraging others - see here...) Note: Those other plugins were abandoned precisely because HS was developing a native JSON interface.

                I would prefer to leverage the feature that is documented and that was advertised as available for integration when I bought the product - a native HS3 JSON interface as documented in


                  I wonder if the Homeseer team are trying to wait me out? 12 days since the last request and follow up emails and PM's have only resulted in automated responses.

                  Clearly they think I will give up, nope. not this little black duck.
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                    There are numerous bugs within HS3, many going back years! HST don't seem that interested in bug fixing recently so don't pin your hopes too high!


                      Yeah, I get that Jon and it's guys like you that keep guys like me hopeful even inspite of that.

                      But that's just wrong and should not be accepted as just how it is. This is not abandonware. It's a product that is being actively sold into the market and purports to be the #1 rated HA software.

                      I was told when I bought it I would get 30 days support from the HS team. I have not, and that's not ok in my books.

                      I know I know, no one cares and all that, but it's just not going to ever be ok to me to plain out ignore your paying customers.

                      PS. I did have a look at bugzilla and it's not too bad really inb terms of the numbers for the core product...
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                        I totally agree with you however there is not much we can do. HST provided Bugzilla to report faults but there are many outstanding tickets.

                        The problem is that HST are a very small company and put their resources in to generate income. I believe that there are only 2 programmers active (Rich and Wade) and Rich has hinted that they are working on something new.


                          See this thread for what I found out about setdeviceproperty.
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                            Originally posted by jon00 View Post
                            I believe that there are only 2 programmers active (Rich and Wade) and Rich has hinted that they are working on something new.
                            I still think they need to plan for bug fixes. Working on something new (unless it fixes bugs), doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy. Give 25% of your dev time to bug fixes. This keeps current customers happy and shows potential customers that you care about your product.

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                              Oh dear.

                              The official paid support finally responded. The PAID support does not support the published API and instead directs you to the non-official community support? What the?

                              Tyler replied Dec 21, 1:51pm
                              Hello ,

                              Our support team cannot offer any assistance with programming or scripting. For help, I would recommend posting on our message board under the Developer Support section.


                              Tyler M
                              Support Technician

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