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Heating control system

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    Heating control system

    Good Day to All, and a very happy new year.

    I'm looking to add some heating control to my homeseer system.

    What options do you guys fins work really well with Homeseer?
    Maybe the Nest system, Honeywell Evo Home, Horstmann, etc?


    I have a Baxi combi boiler with upstairs+downstairs zone, I have a Fibaro dual relay opening the valves and then the boiler fires up automatically and begins heating.

    I do all of the control inside HS, I have the temperature data coming from Fibaro motion sensors, it then gets averaged, compared against a set point and the heating turned off/on. That way I have a good deal of customisation I can do to suit my particular situation, the only downside is that I don't have a thermostat on the wall and have to rely on setting it by HSTouch - although in reality it has a complex schedule so I wouldn't really touch a thermostat anyway.


      I have a conventional boiler, with Hot Water tank, so would need a way to operate the mid position valve.


        Originally posted by russh View Post
        I have a conventional boiler, with Hot Water tank, so would need a way to operate the mid position valve.
        I mean there may be another better way with one of the Z-Wave thermostats hopefully someone will answer but this post comes up a bit because I don't think there is a single great solution for combined HW/CW systems found here.

        Looking at the Y plan (I think that's what you probably have?) I would say as long as you can close the contacts that go to the thermostat (which you could do with any volt free contact device like the Fibaro relay module) then you can achieve control via HS. The issue is whether or not you wish to offload it all to HS, a Z-Wave thermostat will allow you to have a degree of manual control still on the wall if HS fails however I think most would expect to be powered and you may not have power at where your thermostat is...


          I have the heatmiser range of wifi stats. I am controling 8 rooms individually.
          I have the izzy heatmiser plugin which works really well.
          I do know you can get heatmiser stats that do both heating and water so this could be a route to take