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Temperature Sensor and Gas Fireplace

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    Temperature Sensor and Gas Fireplace

    I am running HS3 latest rev. I have an X10 installation that works great. I plan to upgrade to newer technology when money permits. I added an echo and a couple of dots recently and now have voice control through most of the house.

    I have a gas fireplace. It is controlled through X10. On 20 to 30 degree days or nights, the fireplace heats the living room to 80 and keeps the upstairs in the 70s. If left on continuously, it can hit 75 upstairs. I would like to add a temperature sensor that can signal homeseer when thresholds (either high or low) are reached so I can shut off the fireplace when warm enough and back on when it cools down. I would like to keep the project as low cost as I can but am not against adding a controller such as z-wave or something else if needed. I am also planning on adding a smart thermostat however, it would be in the same room as the fireplace and not able to sense the temp upstairs. I would rather not use IFTTT but if the cost between an IFTTT solution and a non IFTTT solution is a lot, I would consider IFTTT.

    Any ideas on how I could accomplish this and what hardware I would need? My wife is particular so minimal is best. Wifi connected would be real nice.


    You're going to need some type of temperature sensor of course. Since you have X10 control of the fireplace already, all you would need to do is just create an event in HS ("if temp is > X, turn off X10 fireplace").

    Are there X10 temperature sensors? I know there are Z-Wave temperature sensors (quite a few). You could also doing something like get a Netatmo setup going, but that would be overkill, and would require the hardware and purchase of the Netatmo plug-in. And it wouldn't be instantaneous, because it's through the cloud, and would occur at worst like 15-20 minutes after the desired temperature occurs.


      Temperature sensors are both simple to add and relatively inexpensive. 1-wire is a popular way to add temperature sensors, but requires a wire. Oregon Scientific sensors are wireless, but require a receiver.

      Both options will require a plug-in to interface to HS. So, although the marginal cost of adding a temperature sensor is quite low, and the effort is minimal, there are costs and learning curves to establish the infrastructure that will make those options possible.

      There are multiple ways to interface 1-wire, but I have no experience. I'd suggest searching the HS board. If you want to go wireless, I'd highly recommend the RFXCOM plug-in and one of the RFX receivers.
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        There's this WiFi one:

        I don't have it, but I have one of their CO2 sensors and it integrates easily with HS.

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          Just a thought ... but the Netatmo suggestion is really good. This can also monitor the CO2 levels reached because of the fireplace running. So, you could automatically shut the fireplace based on CO2 or temperatures.


            Now there is an idea

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