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Where is the nearest rapid EV charger?

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    Where is the nearest rapid EV charger?

    I have a BMW i3 (EV) and although I plan my long journeys, if I'm on my own I might want to make change my plans whilst driving without pulling over and using Zap-Map. I have used a combination of Llamalab's Automate and HS4 to suggest the nearest rapid EV charger. I can then get it's location sent to the car - all using hands-free Google Assistant.

    HS4 knows my phone's location and bearing using an Automate flow.

    I can use a long press on the voice command button on the steering wheel to activate Google Assistant on my phone (connected to the car via Bluetooth) to run a HS4 event. That event uses my location and bearing to detemine the nearest rapid charge (using the free Open Charge Map API). It then looks for a matching charger on TomTom's free API and if it finds a match it tries to detemine if the charger is being used.

    It compiles what it finds and sends a Pushover to my phone.

    I have another Automate flow that responds to the Pushover and reads the message over Bluetooth SCO through the car's sound system.

    Finally, if I decide to go to that charger, using a Google Assistant routine I ask HS4 to send the POI details to the car. I use the BimmerConnected CLI to send the POI which appears in the car as a notification to which I can get directions to.

    I really like being able to use HS4 outside the house - very cool.