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How to Set a Nortek Bulb to Honor Last State After Power Outage

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  • How to Set a Nortek Bulb to Honor Last State After Power Outage

    Nortek's Z-Wave bulbs (branded "GoControl" or "Linear") are set at the factory to come on to full brightness after a power outage. This was done to allow the bulbs to be manually turned on by power-cycling the switch on the lamp. However, if you don't use that feature (and you shouldn't really!), then it becomes a problem as all your bulbs come on to full brightness anytime you have a power interruption. Imagine a power outage in the middle of the night with bulbs installed in nightstand lamps!

    To fix this problem, install the Nortek v5.12 firmware on the bulb (available in Z-Flash) and change the Parameter "1" to a value of "2". Once this is done, the bulbs will always come back to the state they were in when the power was interrupted. If they were off, they'll stay off. If they were at 40%, they'll come on to 40%.
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