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Speech Recognition and Text to Speech using HS speaker on Windows

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  • Pete
    Disabling Touch on a Windows Homeseer Touchscreen remotely

    Decided to give a try to shutting off the USB connected touchscreens locally and remotely enabling. Initially downloaded devcon and then found an easier way to do this using Nirsoft stuff.

    1 - Download Nirsoft USB Device View

    Run the Nirsoft USB dev view program to find the USB driver for your touchscreen (if using a USB driver for touch).


    2 - write a batch file connected to a touch off button on your screen or utilize Jon00's remote utility to send the following command to your touchscreen.

    Host Name: ICS-Jog-XPE-05
    VendorID: 04b4
    ProductID: 1974

    Tested via VNC

    Disable touch

    USBDeview.exe /disable_by_pid {\\RemoteComputer} <VendorID;ProductID>

    USBDeview.exe /disable_by_pid \\ICS-Jog-XPE-05 04b4;1974

    C:\Documents and Settings\joggler>USBDeview.exe /disable_by_pid \\ICS-Jog-XPE-05 04b4;1974

    Turned off touch. Mouse pointer is flickering. Typically leave the mouse icon on when using touch. HSTouch options - check hide mouse pointer

    Enable touch

    USBDeview.exe /enable_by_pid {\\RemoteComputer} <VendorID;ProductID>

    USBDeview.exe /enable_by_pid \\ICS-Jog-XPE-05 04b4;1974

    Turned on Touch.
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  • Speech Recognition and Text to Speech using HS speaker on Windows

    Speech Recognition and Text to Speech using HS speaker on Windows using Microsoft SAPI which has been available from the beginning of Window

    NOTE that this specific post only relates to using Microsoft SAPI and Homeseer speaker client and no Homeseer cloud connected speech applications.

    This is not related to using Homeseer Touch clients on Windows Mobile, Android or Apple cellular phones or tablets running the Homeseer touch application.

    It will work with a Windows 10 tablet just fine. (MS SAPI TTS and or VR).

    Note here that the Homeseer Touch application does not do VR rather just plays back a TTS wave file.

    The Homeseer speaker Microsoft SAPI program only runs in Windows (XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10).

    You can utilize speaker remotely connecting to Homeseer 3 whether it is running in Windows or Linux.

    Once you have done the VR Microsoft SAPI control panel stuff then you have to make sure that your speaker dot exe program microphone is enabled and working.

    The speaker dot exe program controls the Microsoft SAPI VR and TTS.

    Before configuring the speaker program you need to validate that MS SAPI is working via the Window control panel applet. Will post pictures from Windows 10 for this.

    Most important part of the Microsoft SAPI configuration applet is testing your microphone for VR. If this doesn't work then speaker will not work.

    Note too that you will have to configure a 32 bit speech SAPI applet if running 64 bit Windows and speaker dot exe is a 32 bit program that uses 32 bit SAPI.

    Create an icon for the 32 bit SAPI control panel applet using the following. Search for the sapi.cpl; it should be there.


    Utilize this applet to test your TTS and VR (configure your microphone and test VR)

    Here is the 32bit Windows 10 speech applet in control panel which is the same for Windows 7 32 bit.


    I have tested speaker dot exe to work fine in Windows 10 way long long time ago when testing the Kinect plugin.

    MS SAPI / Homeseer Speaker TTS / VR works fine in XP, Vista, W7, W8 and W10.

    Step 1 - speaker options / general tab - start listening.


    Step 2 - speaker options / Audio output / Text-to-speech tab (here never utilize the show speak phrases in tray ballon check box - you might want to leave this on to validate your VR).


    Step 3 - options / Voice recognition tab


    Here running 4 instances of speaker dot exe in an Oracle Windows Virtual box on the Homeseer Pro Linux box. It is from these instances that I get Homeseer text to speech.
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