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Fuse Panel APC surge protector installation

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    Fuse Panel APC surge protector installation

    12th of May, 2018

    Starting endeavor this morning....will take pictures...thunderstorm this morning..

    Endeavor is installation of an APC (PMP1X-A) Surge Protector - side fuse panel mounted - baby steps.

    Note if you are not familiar with your fuse panel or have never done anything in your fuse panel or do not like doing anything electrical in your home then personally I would recommend hiring a professional to do this.

    It is recommended to shut off main house breaker (all electricity going to your home).

    1 - removed Eaton TVSS - 4 wires (2 line and 2 neutral). 2 Line are connected to a dual 30 AMP tandem breaker. Kind of overkill for a house.
    This was done last week.


    2 - removed HAI UPB repeater - 3 wires - 2 line - 2 breakers and 1 neutral to bus bar. Easy peasy.


    Moved it to a new hole on the side of the fuse panel and reconnected it to breakers and neutral.

    3 - installed the APC PMP1XA surge protector in old HAI UPB Repeater hole. Pulled wires to side.

    Wires are long and APC Surge protector is adjacent to the two 30 AMP tandem breakers / neutral bar. Will be cutting the 4 wires down a bit.

    Accidently hit a main ingress wire (one of three on the top) with a screwdriver (with breaker off) and it melted the tip of the screwdriver. Big spark.


    Taking a short break now. Thunderstorm is continuing. All day rain weather forecast for today.

    4 - Did a trial run on the APC surge protector to make sure it was working (LEDs light up). I have not shortened up the wires such that I plugged in the 40 amp tandem breaker on the bottom and connected the two neutral leads to the bottom of the neutral bus bar. Switched on the breakers and LEDs light.

    5 - Wanting a short run from the APC two neutral / ground wires moving and rearranging neutrals moving them down two posts. Will do one neutral wire at a time as they are 10-12 guage. Next cutting the two APC Neutral wires shortening them and installing them on top to neutral posts.


    Baby steps here.

    6 - Install 40 AMP tandem breaker and connect two APC black line wires to 40 AMP breaker (about 3.5" or so) and label breaker and APC surge protector. Note that the breaker is in OFF mode.


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