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  • ifttt latency

    Hello Folks
    I am just setting up my system, I had a few false starts. I am trying to get Link Shades ( to work with Homeseer. I have a virtual button in Homeseer (ON/OFF) and I want to use that to control the shades. To do this I am using IFTTT. The Applet is basic, "IF a device is turn OFF, Open the shades." When I check the applet, nothing happens, I tried checking the applet with the Virtual button ON and OFF.

    I get a message "This Applet usually runs within a few hours" ; that's not automation!
    I do have a MS.homeseer account set up as well, not sure how that fits into the equation.

    Any suggestion on what I am doing wrong.

    How does Homesser know to send a message to the IFTTT server when the virtual button is pressed?
    How can I test the two communication channels. One between Homeseer and IFTTT, then the second between IFTTT and Link Shade.


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    IFTTT is known to be slow, but I thought the delay was minutes and not hours.

    Most of these WiFi devices use an ESP8366. For the DIYer the firmware is reflashed with something like Tasmota. This provides non-cloud control, Wemo/Hue emulation for voice control and HTTP or MQTT for integration with HS or other preferred system. Very little info on the web site so can’t provide much more guidance.


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      Thanks, a bit too deep into the bits and bytes for me right now.

      I think IFTTT can work, I just have something set up wrong . I have proved to myself the issues is the connection / link between Homeseer and IFTTT. I proved this by generating another Applet on the IFTTT site. This test Applet is : "IF the TIME is 11:30, Open the shades." This works within a few seconds of 11:30.

      So does anyone have guidance about the connection between Homeseer and IFTTT. Now I am down to one question
      How does Homesser know to send a message to the IFTTT server when the virtual button is pressed? Does this have to be configured somewhere?


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        You need to create a Trigger in IFTTT that is linked to your HomeSeer virtual device.
        IFTTT typically responds within a few seconds.


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          I have a trigger in IFTTT that is linked to Homeseer.


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            The IFTTT is pointing to the Homeseer servers as the problem, see photo 1. It's not a latency issues, it simply does not work. In the Homeseer log I see when the virtual button is pressed, either on the hub or remotely via MyHs

            I created another APPLET : " Get e-mail when Homeseer publishes a new event or trigger". It does not work either.

            Did anyone else experienced this problem.