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    Originally posted by aa6vh View Post

    The statement "hs.SetDeviceValueByRef" is setting the "label" of the counter, but is not setting the "value" of the counter. There is a difference.
    Understand your point. I did some testing and it appears you are correct. Even though you can change the counter and in some places it shows up as "Value" (i.e. under Device | Advanced tab), but under Tools | Counters/Timers | Counters tab, the "actual" Value shows a different number as you rightly stated.

    But for my use, that isn't an issue since I am decrementing and setting the counter through the script. Essentially just using the "value" as a status indicator.

    Agree that you should be able to programmatically set the counter to any integer value but after some additional testing, I didn't see a way to actually do that.