Originally was looking at the Rock64, then the RockPi4 and now even smaller than those is a tiny TV box.

Historically started endeavor with original Zee (RPi). Then moved it to an RPi2, then moved it to a dual AMD core Cube computer (XiS), then to a Pine64 where it sits today.


TV Box S912 with specs (< $100 on Amazon and closer to $50 if you look/search).

1 - Octocore ARM CPU
3 - 3 Gb of RAM
4 - 32 Gb eMMC (for OS)
5 - Gb NIC port
6 - USB 2.0 ports
7 - Mali GPU (which you do not need to use running this headless)
8 - front display which can be adjusted for any sort of status.


Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit (Armbian) - server - headless running

Download here:

Write the Image file to a fast SD card. Then later write the SD card image to the emmc.
I have upgraded base here from a 16Gb SD card now to a 32Gb SD card. For KODI using a 64Gb SD card.
Optimal will be running OS on the built in eMMC.


- Mono
- Homeseer 3
- Webmin
- docker