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How to - IR beam Driveway & Walkway Sensors for camera control

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  • How to - IR beam Driveway & Walkway Sensors for camera control

    Build list;
    1ea GP26B-1 Arlington garden post support
    2ea E-931-S50RRLQ IR bean sensor, retro-reflective
    2ea DWZWAVE2.5-ECO Zwave door/window sensors
    1 or 2ea Mini AC/DC to DC Buck Step Down Adjustable Volt Converter (ebay)
    Optional 1ea GE12720 Zwave Plus Controlled switch.

    Installed the Arlington post to aluminum angle which was cemented into the ground.
    Power source is a 12VAC landscaping transformer.
    Modified a GE 12720 switch to operate from 12.4 VDC
    Beam sensors operate from 12 VAC, and NC is wired to external connections on the DWZWAVE2.5-ECO sensors.
    Two buck converter are used one set at 3.0 VDC for the DWZWAVE2.5 sensors, and one optional converter set to 12.4 VDC for the GE 12720
    All electronics are inside the Arlington post, except landscaping transformer.
    Optional GE 12720 is used for landscape lighting control.

    Note, I do not recommend the IR beam sensor on the right side as shown in the picture, (prototype1 version), E-931-S50RRLQ is better...