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Best practice wake up intervals

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  • Best practice wake up intervals

    Does anyone have any guidelines as best practice wake up intervals for
    • Powered z-wave devices
    • Battery powered z-wave devices

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    My 2 cents:
    Powered Devices: No wake-up needed; If you feel that they are out of sync with HS(like a power interruption) you can poll occasionally but try to avoid polling- After a power-up of the system it makes sense to poll them or "set" them if you need to initialize a certain state. Normally no polling is necessary and should be avoided--especially frequent polling(<10 minutes intervals).

    Battery Devices: Many battery powered devices report battery levels at a wake-up interval(set in the device), I like to set these typically at at least 1/day. Other measurement like temperature, humidity, illumination, etc often need to be st in the device at a frequency that is is low as the application allows. For example, I have a temperature graph that updates/displays every 15 minutes so I set my temperature reporting wake-up at 14 minutes. As a general rule I would set wake-ups as infrequently as possible to achieve the accuracy the application requires. Activities like polling and wake-up just cause delays in the z-wave system when other traffic is trying to get through. MINIMIZE!!