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    I was using PHL2 (great plugin BTY) but decided that I didn't need (wasn't using) all of the features it provided. Also I was having issues with HS changing the servers and was tired of every month having to re-authenticate the device with Apple. What I needed was just a reliable way to monitor GPS position to open garage doors, change occupancy, etc. Since I have a iPhone (works with iBeacons as well) and everyone else here does we were using the Geofency app with PHL2 but now are we are using the Geofency app with Hubitat. If you have a Hubitat hub and are using the mcsHubitat plugin it is a very simple set up.

    This link hxxps:// (replace the XX with tt) has full instructions on setting it up in HT. From there do:

    1. Add the device you created in HT to the HT Maker API
    2. Sync your mcsHubitat in HS (pulling the device over)
    3. Now you have a Presence device with switch in HS
    4. Use the new device (can use the Presence or switch) in Events etc

    We have been using the Geofency webhook to HT for over six weeks now without a miss and it is very fast. So fast in fact that we have lowered the distance from home to initiate the HS events here. What I also like about it is that before when using PHL2 you were sending a post with user name/password to your MyHS for it to work. Using this method you are sending a HTTP JSON webhook that is using a token to control the device (s) you created in HT, no user name or password.

    Anyway just another way to skin the cat.