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  • Suggestions/Recommendations for lighting event

    I have six entry points to a garage
    3 - garage doors (all go control/zwave)
    3 - doors (all with Sensative strips)

    My Current event for ON
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Garage ON.JPG
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    And Garage OFF
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Garage OFF.JPG
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    I hate it when the lights run off 'too soon' or when it seems to get caught in a loop when the lights will turn off even after I turn them on with the switch.

    Any suggestions on a decent 'turn off' sequence for this type of room.
    I have tried motion sensor - however, the room is fairly large and doesn't seem to work well with a single motion senor. I haven't tried two --- yet.

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    This looks good, the only suggestion would be to add to each trigger:
    And If Garage Garage Garage Light is not On

    Unless you want this event to trigger every time a door is opened regardless if the light is already on.

    Edit - Sorry, just read your off event. I have a really large shop space and use multiple motion sensors to keep the lights on, for a really big space it’s better to have more motion sensors. Closing all the doors is fine but after you leave the space, how do you know that all of the doors were closed? Once you’ve closed the door you have no way of checking to see if all the lights turned off.

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      That is what I was thinking - I have several motion sensors. I might have to play with the positioning of the sensors to cover the majority of the garage.


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        It is also a function of how you use the garage. Mine is a woodshop and when working on fine details motion sensors are not functional. I considered pressure plates but move a couple of the tools to much. I do a good bit of hand work so I have decided triggered On events are good but Off is a no go. The only off events are after 12:30 am IFF the lights have been on since before midnight. And then I don't just turn them all off on the off chance someone is in there.