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Thermostat goes to ESM by itself

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    Thermostat goes to ESM by itself


    I have a wierd issue with one of my eurotronic spirit thermostats

    In the morning I have an event to set the "setpoint temperature" to 18 degrees, this works fine. ( mode = heat)
    During the day the setpoint is normally put back to 13 or 14 degrees (still in "heat"mode) , since the woodstove will go on.
    In the evening I set the setpoint to let's say to 19 degrees , I see now after a couple of minutes the temperature is set to 11 degrees C which is the "energy safe mode temperature

    I don't understand this , I have not programmed anything in homeseer to set the ESM temperature or to trigger to go to ESM. Yesterday I even factory reset the thermostat and included it again , but today my wife said again the thermostat went back to 11 degrees a couple of minutes after she set it to 19 degrees.

    Initially this thermostat was included on a vera plus , and I didn't notice this. I also have 2 other of these thermostats where I don't see this behaviour

    Anyone has an idea what could trigger the thermostat to go for the "energy safe mode" temperature when the thermostat is in "heat" mode and a higher temperature is set?

    Many thanks,

    Are there any other z-wave nodes communicating through the thermostat? Bad z-wave module? Do you need to optimize the network? I replaced my upstairs thermostat after it died a couple years ago for shutting off when it shouldn't have. As a bandaid, can you set ESM & heat mode value to the same setting until you can chase it down. The WAF might go up.


      AllHailJ ; How can I check for a bad zwave module? yesterday I reset to factory settigs , so if it was communicating with anything else, it should be gone with the factory reset. Good idea to optimize network , although the thermostat is the closest Zwave device near the zwave usb stick ( ca 2 meters).

      Good Idea to link both "devices"!



        It is a trial and error process. I have had 3 devices go bad (installed surge protection at the panels to help prevent). I got lucky twice and could hear the switch relays. The thermostat was just wierd. I got tired of it so I replaced and haven't had a problem since. I have read in the forum where users have had to reset multiple times to get it to finally take - I don't remember the exact details.

        Another thing you might try is turning on debug logging and set the thermostat and see what the communication looks like when it goes to ESM and see if you can see anything. Did the log show the thermostat being set to ESM? This is a battery device - are you polling?

        I'll keep thinking and see if I can think of anything else.

        Is the firmware the same across all units? - added later


          AllHailJ : When I go to the normal log I do see a zwave device : energy safe set at 11 degrees ...... when no-one did set anything.
          It is a battery device yes , although I have connected it to a permanent powersource.
          Polling interval on the zwave tab says 0-0-0 on hours , mins and seconds.
          Firmware of all 3 devices are the same (0.16)

          debug logging , when I looked up how to do that I saw the files will be very large..... I will do that next week when I am home , since I am working on the system remotely now.

          Thanks for you assistance,


            I read in the manual that ESM can only be set from the controller. I wonder if the database might be corrupt. Backing up and restoring might help. You might want to go to the z-wave plugin and check the node configuration to insure everything is as suspected. I still have 3 mini-motes that are in the list that I have removed but they remain in the list. I think it is because they can act as controllers.

            Good luck!


              AllHailJ : Ah , good to know that it can only be set from the controller , so the thermostat itself does not send the signl out to go to esm.
              Not sure where to look for the node configuration:
              Click image for larger version

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                To look at the nodes go to plugins --> Zwave --> Node information