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Yale Door lock event after the lock is Jammed

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    Yale Door lock event after the lock is Jammed

    I have a notification via pushover when the YALE door lock is jammed. How do I create an event that notify me that the door is not jammed anymore?
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    EasyTrigger has a trigger "If value was [X] and becomes [Y]". X and Y can be values or ranges of values. Set X to the value for Lock Jammed and Y to all other possible values. You might need an OR IF and 2nd trigger if there are potential Y values both higher and lower than Lock Jammed.


      If you don't have or don't want to buy EasyTrigger then you could use a virtual device. It would take a couple events to accomplish

      if lock set to jammed Then
      Set virtual lock to jammed.

      if lock set to ready or other value.
      and if virtual lock is jammed Then
      notify me
      set virtual lock to ready.

      Not as elegant as EasyTrigger but it might do what you need it to do.


        Not sure what I would do without easy trigger. Because it possiblities are unlimited, I always find that I discover new things with it. I appreciate both of your help.

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