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LED Rope Lights

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    LED Rope Lights

    I "want" led "waterproof" multi-color rope lights that are in a tube. All the ones I see have those 4 or 5 prong connections that can't take the elements very well. They're 120V AC to a transformer with 12v DC in and up to 12v DC out. Any RGBW dimmer works perfectly but the connectors are very prone to failure.

    I found an RGB rope light that could be perfect but it's rectangular and won't turn corners. Then I found another but it's AC in and AC out. I would need three micro dimmers to control one gang of lights. That's not very practical.

    Any ideas for an RBG rope light that's dimmable to go under a railing? Total length is about 100' but I can do it in sections of about 30' each as well. I suppose I could settle for a single warm white color, but really want what I want.

    My requirements:
    AC in powered, not battery or USB. Although I could connect to a USB outlet as part of a regular outlet.
    12-24v DC out
    Wiring that I can cut to tap into any of many z-wave RGB dimmers.
    Round, not rectangular like some newer ones. I have to turn a number of 90 degree bends on a deck railing

    Sorry for my rambling but after searching a myriad of Amazon pages, I thought another set of eyes and users with similar experiences might be able to help..