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Transition from HS3 Zee S2 to HS4 for windows

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    Transition from HS3 Zee S2 to HS4 for windows

    Hello folks,

    I want to move from HS3 to HS4. I am contemplating moving from the HS3 Zee S2 to a core i7-6700 3.4Ghz 16GB RAM 256GB SSD and 2TB HDD Windows 10 running HS4. I am wondering about a few things:
    1. I have Z-Wave, Mark Sandler Insteon/X10, and SONOS plug ins. I will likely be getting the Harmony hub plug in as well. So I would still have plug in expansion left on the Zee S2.
    2. I know that the Zee S2 has limited plug ins, I believe 5, so I do still have expansion room.
    3. Although I found a pretty good app to navigate the folders and files in the Zee S2, I am much more familiar with the Windows environment. Are there any other advantages of moving to the Windows platform? Any disadvantages?
    As for the transition:
    1. Is it possible to port the configuration from the HS3 Zee S2 environment to the HS4 Windows environment?
    2. Will I need any special hardware or software?
    3. Once in the Windows environment, will I need new hardware to control the Z-Wave devices currently installed?
    4. I know Mark is working on an HS4 version of his plug in so I would wait for that and upgrade when it becomes available.
    5. I will wait until my decision is made before purchasing the Harmony hub plug in.
    6. One last thing. I expect that I can run both instances of the HS software, HS3 Zee S2 and HS4 on Windows without interference? I am not looking to control both environments from both platforms at the same time, just want to run and get familiar with HS4 before actually making any significant configuration changes.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.