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Zooz ZEN20 Frustrations with HS4

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    Zooz ZEN20 Frustrations with HS4

    I am getting the run around between HomeSeer and Zooz with issues related to t he ZEN20 Version 2.0d S2 Z-Wave Power Strip. Both companies are indicating that they are in compliance with the Z-Wave standard and NO one will take ownership of the issues.

    1. On one of my ZEN20's activating SW3 also turns on the indicator in HS4 for SW5
    2. On the other XEN20 HS4 is showing indications for SW6 and SW7 turning on and off. I think SW6 and SW7 refer to the two USB ports.
    3. HS4 does NOT show all the child items in sequence. Example: SW1 - KW1 and Watts1 are at the bottom of the list in HS4 instead of below SW1. This may be do to the ID numbers that are assigned to KW1 and Watts1.
    4. I have deleted both ZEN20's from my Zwave configuration and re-included them. Every time I do include another set of issues crops up.

    Zooz is indicating that HomeSeer is not working with them to resolve the issue and HomeSeer is indicating the same of Zooz.

    I like HS4 but if the software is not able to work with various manufactures of Z-Wave compatible equipment what good is the Z-Wave standard?

    I do agree HS Z-Wave PI needs to be updated. It was written in Latin or something but the Zen20 still works with HS4.

    I don’t remember it correctly but if the instructions tells you push three times the first outlet button, then do that with the fifth instead. I don’t remember it correctly.

    I know it may sound weird at the beginning but it works that way.

    I still have the ZEN20 power strip just no longer in HS... The power strip is very good actually.

    hope this helps.



      This goes back to Feb 2020

      3 relays and turn one on and two show up as on in Hs3...

      I sent in a ticket back in Feb 2020 about the Zooz multirelay having similar problems. Was told that this would be looked at after Hs4 was released. I sent an email as a follow up on this ticket Aug 2020 and I am still waiting for a response.......
      Just in case anyone is checking its Ticket 73387


        Thanks for all of the replies. I do like the ZEN20 as it is perfect for my applications.


          Bump your tickets with a response as the squeaky wheel gets the grease.


            Originally posted by Robert Willis View Post
            Thanks for all of the replies. I do like the ZEN20 as it is perfect for my applications.
            Try these things:

            - There are two versions, Beta which "supports" S2 and the normal one which supports Aramaic me thinks. I really think HS3 or 4 won't behave very good in modern S2 environments, which has nothing to do with HS4 per se since the plug in is for HS3 and it will behave identically with both... You can use either version since all will work and/or fail adding the power strip.
            - First make sure the Zooz is factory fresh... If you are not sure, click either CH1 or 5 (may work with any but hose are the ones I tested) and after the third click, leave it pressed for like 10 seconds... you'll see lights will start to blink. Now release the button.
            - Try adding the Strip using the NON SECURE to your environment by quickly pressing CH5 or CH1 three times... believe me, it has some difference I have no idea why nor Zooz people knows... I already walked that path. <-- This is the best working solutions since the Aramaic thingy I explained before...
            - Try Secure as well using either 3.0.2 or Plug In... whichever you already have... if you want.... this is prone to fail later but you can make it work.

            I gave it a thorough test even though it meant I had to stop watching Every Body Loves Raymond 🤣 (the strip is connected to my bedroom entertainment hub... or to stop being unnecessarily fancy, my bedroom TV and I had to turn everything off to play with the thing)... all the testing were performed no more than one hour before publishing this reply.

            Let me show you the results of my testing... now my strip goes back to my Indigo Domo but you'll find explanation on each screenshot below.

            Hope this helps!!!


            Click image for larger version

Name:	RPi Zwaveme Add Success.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	RPi Zwaveme Show Devices.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	Win HS4 Pro Add Fail CH1.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	Win HS4 Pro Add Success CH5.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	Win HS4 Show Devices Success CH5.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	RPi4 HS4 STD NonSecure ADD Success CH5.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	RPi4 HS4 STD Show Device Success CH5.jpg
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ID:	1428524


              Thanks for the detailed response!!! I will review and advise of my outcome.


                Both HomeSeer and Zooz have contacted me about the issues with the ZEN20 and HS4. HomeSeer is reviewing all of my notes and will work on a solution. I just added another ZEN20 Version 2.0 Firmware 3.0 Date Code: 1219 to my HomeSeer HS4 system. This version now adds both Amps and Voltage monitoring to each of the five circuits. Currently HS4 is unable to retrieve the data.