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How to use a Fibaro double switch 2 input with a PIR sensor

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    How to use a Fibaro double switch 2 input with a PIR sensor

    Hi All.

    I need help to find a way to setup an input on a Fibaro Double Switch 2, connected to the output of a dumb PIR sensor, to work as a smart input. The input should not activate the connected lights, as It will generate to many false positives. To avoid false positives, I have mounted a CCTV to use inputs from booth the dum PIR and the CCTV to filter out all the false positives.

    First problem: I cant figure out how to make the PIR input to S1 or S2 on the Fibaro Double switch 2 play along.
    This is how the S1 input page look, I cant seam to find any obvious settings to change, to make it work!?

    Thanks Kasper


    If I'm not mistaken, due to the line voltage input of the Double Switch this can not be done without an interposer relay between the PIR and the switch.

    What is the model number of the Double Switch 2?

    What is the voltage of the PIR power supply?

    What is your mains voltage?

    After I get this info I'll draw up one way to do it.

    As far as the False Positives go, you might want to put an "Alarm Verification" script together.
    Basically, on the first trigger of the PIR it doesn't activate the lights. It starts a timed event that just waits for X number of seconds.
    Then if a second trigger happens within the set time period that's when the lights turn on.
    If nothing happens during your X number of seconds, the timed event just cancels itself and it's ready to try again on the next trigger of the PIR.

    Roger D