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The 7 Steps To Re-Installing HomeSeer

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  • The 7 Steps To Re-Installing HomeSeer

    Should you unfortunately find yourself in a situation where you have to re-install HomeSeer and any Plugins you have here is a very simple way to do it.

    It will work with HS1 and HS2 and the majority of the Plugins associated with HS. I say the majority because I have only tested, well test is not the correct word, been forced to do it a few times with the few amount of Plugins I run.

    You will require a facility to backup onto, whether it be 2nd drive, LAN or whatever.

    You will also be required to enter your HS licence at some point and probably any Plugin licence you have purchased as well. If you have lost the licences a help desk ticket should solve the problem.

    Please Note: This will not work if upgrading from HS1 to HS2, thats an easier process.

    Step 1

    Write down all the version numbers of what you are running, and do not upgrade after that.

    Step 2

    Create a backup of all the HS root directory and Folders.

    Step 3

    Re-format, install new drive or whatever you are doing then install the OS system. Note this is based on staying with the same OS system, may work if you change.

    Step 4

    Upgrade, if required, the OS to at least what you had before.

    Step 5

    Paste the entire HS Root Directory and Folders onto the new drive.

    Step 6

    Start HS then go to the Updater and install all the plugins / scripts to the version you wish even if they are the same versions you have copied back, this registers your plugins. If the plugin was a download not available on the Updater reinstall from the download in order to register it.

    Step 7 The Best Step

    Note: The HS Installer or Upgrader will not overwrite the INI files which you have previously pasted back, it will simply ensure everything is registered.

    Should you find it has not registered place the attached BAT file in the HS directory and run it or write your own, the code is
    for %%i in (hspi_*.ocx) do regsvr32 /s %%i 
    for %%i in (hspi_*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %%i
    for %%i in (hspi_*.exe) do %%i /regserver
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