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How to Remove a Plug-In

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    How to Remove a Plug-In

    There have been many posts asking "How do I remove the plug-in I have added and do not wish"

    The complete way is to re-format the HD and re-install HomeSeer, however that is not the most convenient way of doing it unless you have other material you wish to get shot off permanently.


    Shut down HomeSeer and place the two BAT files attached below into the HS directory.

    Make sure there are no plug-ins still running by using the task manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and looking for any processes running that start with the characters "hspi_". If there are any, use the task manager to end them.

    Run the Unregister.bat file attached below. (The Bat files have been re-named to *.BAT.TXT to allow them to be uploaded, remove the .TXT bit and you have a BAT!) If you are unsure how to run a BAT file it is explained at the bottom of the post.

    You must run the Unregister.bat file before deleting when HomeSeer is shut down.

    Delete all files associated with the plug-in, making sure you delete the HSPI_whatever file from the HomeSeer root directory.

    Run Register.BAT and once it has finished running start HomeSeer.

    To run a BAT file. Four ways.

    1) Double Click on the file.
    2) Select "RUN" from the "Start" menu and type in the file name then hit enter.
    3) Select "RUN" from the "Start" menu and type in "CMD" which will open Mr Gates' Command Prompt (DOS-looking window) then find the file and type unregister.bat or whatever file name and change to the directory you saved it in.
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