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How To Use PSShutdown With XP Home

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  • How To Use PSShutdown With XP Home

    This is how to use PSShutdown with Windows XP Home.

    The way to do was resolved by Neil and Larry, it has been reposted here to help people who have this problem having to search though all the forums and hopefully find it.

    Adding the administrative share did it.

    So this is what needs to be done to get a XP Home pc to use PSSHUTDOWN

    First, download and install NT Resource Kit. Grant rights to guest user for remote shutdown with this command (path may very):

    c:\program files\windows Resourse Kits\ntrights +r SetRemoteShutdownPrivilege +u guest

    Second, In regedit navigate to:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanS erver\Parameters

    Add the following 2 DWORD Keys:


    Give both keys a Hex Value of 1 then reboot.

    That's it, the computer will automatically create the Admin Shares when it restarts.
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