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How to check if a door is LOCKED.

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  • How to check if a door is LOCKED.

    Here is the way I set up one of my doors/deadbolts so I could tell that it was locked, not just closed, but LOCKED.
    - I got a sample pack of 5 - 3/8" x 1/16" neodymium magnets off an ebay seller. I just searched for neodymium magnets. (picture below)
    - Also got magnetic door switch off an ebay seller. (picture below)
    - I drilled the end of my deadbolt with a 3/8" drill just deep enough to press the magnet into the end. (picture below) It press fit pretty good, but I also used some construction adhesive to help hold it.
    - Next I drilled ( using a 12" long 1/4" drill bit ) a hole from the bottom of the hole where the deadbolt goes into the door jamb through to an adjacent wall. Luckily for me this was easy in my situation. (picture below) I then enlarged just the end of the hole to 3/8" to accommodate a magnetic door switch.
    - I fed the wires through the long drilled hole to where I was going to mount a DS10A door sensor and used some construction adhesive to hold it securely in the hole. I set the depth of the switch so it would just clear the end of the deadbolt when in the locked position. (picture below)
    - I let the construction adhesive set up thoroughly before playing with connecting the wires from the magnetic switch to the wires from a DS10A.
    - I set up a device and some events in Homeseer to let me monitor the lock status as desired.
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