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How To Rename Sound Cards

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    How To Rename Sound Cards

    Well, at least how I did it.

    These instructions should work for USB and regular sound cards (PCI / etc.)

    I have done this with MY C-Media USB sound cards (cheapy things from


    Find the .inf file that contains the instructions for your PC on HOW to load the driver.

    Open the file (in my case the file was CMUSB.INF). It was located under C-Media\Windows\Driver\USB

    Find the section called "[Strings]"

    There are 6 fields that needed to be changed. I basically just changed the text "C-Media" to the Zone name that I wanted. Keep in Mind, there is a limit in how many characters get displayed in certain programs (Winamp seemed to be about 30).

    DiskDescription="C-Media USB Sound Driver"
    CMUDA.DeviceDesc="C-Media USB WDM Sound Device"
    CMUDA.Wave.szPname="C-Media USB Sound Device"
    CMUDA.Topology.szPname="C-Media USB Mixer Device"
    CMUDA.SvcDesc = "C-Media USB Sound Interface"

    CMIUSB.DeviceDesc="C-Media USB Sound Device"

    Were changed to:

    DiskDescription="Basement USB Sound Driver"
    CMUDA.DeviceDesc="Basement USB WDM Sound Device"
    CMUDA.Wave.szPname="Basement USB Sound Device"
    CMUDA.Topology.szPname="Basement USB Mixer Device"
    CMUDA.SvcDesc = "Basement USB Sound Interface"

    CMIUSB.DeviceDesc="Basement USB Sound Device"

    I think the most critical one is the last one, however I changed them all to try to keep Windows from getting confused.

    Then Insert your USB device, or continue with the driver selection. If the driver is already installed, choose Update driver (right click the device in the Windows Device Manager)

    After you get to the point where you are installing the driver,

    No, Not at this time
    Install from a specific location
    Don't Search, I will choose
    Have disk
    Enter in Location of modified .inf
    Install from Disk
    Choose the "Zone" you want this card to be saved as

    This will effectivly "rename" the device. It also appears to lock that name to that particular device. Typically after a reboot, I would see my sound cards swapped around (as they were all named the same). Now they appear to be locked to specific cards. Seems to be easier and works more reliably then the hardware solution I had on there (experimenting with).

    Now you need only to configure your sound devices to "speak" to the proper zone and you are all set!

    One sound card for one zone!
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