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Session 2 - Monday, January 4th, at 8:30PM EST

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    Sure - sorry for the delay, I thought somebody else was posting this.

    I will enclose a script that I used to control iTunes when I used to use that media player. To use it, call the script file with the procedure and (if necessary) the parameter required.

    For volume control, call Jukebox_VolumeUp or Jukebox_VolumeDown (you can rename those if you wish).

    If you wanted to set the volume to a specific level, then I think it can still be done, but would be a bit more complicated. Let me know if that is what you wanted.
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    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      Thanks. I'll give a shot.

      Can't wait for the scripting webinar. Already signed up for it!


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      Way2 Call
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        Session 2 Video


        Normally we take the video from the webinars and cut it up into smaller segments and post them on the YouTube channel, but that is taking a bit longer this time and I know some of you have been waiting for this...

        So, use this link to view the entire video if you do not want to wait for the smaller segments. The entire video is 2 hours long - but you can fast forward through parts of it if you like. If you wait for the smaller segments, then you will get panning and zooming so that the application screens are easier to see.

        There are some errors we made in this 2nd session as well - sometimes we were bringing up applications and talking about them, without realizing that we were sharing the screen for specific applications rather than sharing the entire desktop, so at times we were talking about an application that you could not even see. Also, the video recording was started just a tad late - it is after Rich finishes describing how to install HSTouch, but hopefully that is not that difficult for people.

        When we get the videos posted in smaller chunks after they have been edited, they will be posted to our YouTube channel. If you subscribe to the channel at, then you will get a notification when new videos are posted to the channel, so you will know as soon as the smaller videos are posted.

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        Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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          LONG POST: Session 2 Transscript of Questions

          The following is the transcript of the questions that were asked and (hopefully) answered during session 2. Some of the questions that were asked did not get answered during the session, so they have been addressed in this transcript.


          Audience Question:
          Q: I didn't get the option to log in just using my Homerseer Profile name. It auto logged in based on my webinar registration.[David Lover] [Q: 8:19 PM]
          A: Yes, we wanted to make it easy for us to post the transcript by not having any email addresses, but it is not possible with the webinar software. So, log in with your information and if we post the transcript, we will clean it of the email addresses.

          Q: 1. With my HomeSeer 1 I was able to login from any computer on my home network, but with HomeSeer 2 I am unable to do so. I followed the web setup.[Airia Austin] [Q: 8:25 PM]
          This is probably due to a setting that is not correct on your system. Perhaps you bound HomeSeer to a single IP address, such as your internal network address (usually a address) and that would prevent the local/loopback address from working ( Perhaps you do not have a local user configured, and you configured the network to not allow remote access. There are a number of things that could be related to this. Post to the General or Web Server forum on the message board to see if somebody can provide other suggestions of things to check, and if that does not work, consider our paid support forum.

          Q: 2. I use my lights o wake me in the mornings, is there a way to make reflect a sunrise?[Airia Austin] [Q: 8:27 PM] Why aren't Designer and Client installed and started as one?[Dave Everson] [Q: 8:39 PM]
          A: You might have several client computers, but only one computer that you do your design work on. Even if you run them both a lot initially, in time when you are making minor changes you do not need to always run the client to test screens.

          Audience Question:
          Q: is this session being recorded, to post on-line later?[Mike Brand] [Q: 8:35 PM]
          A: Yes, this session is being recorded and will be posted online.

          Q: Also, with HSPro, I downloaded the unlimited connections but it did not load. I only had one touch screen, but why do I not have the unlimited connections?[Steven Totolo] [Q: 8:46 PM]
          Please fill out a helpdesk ticket and we will find out what is going on with the licensing issue.

          Q: Sonos integration?[Christian Barner] [Q: 8:49 PM]
          A: I will mention that shortly.
          Any sort of music system can be integrated with HomeSeer and HSTouch. The issue is how tight the integration will be, which leads to how easy it is to set it up to work with HSTouch. If a music system has a plug-in and that plug-in conforms to the Music API of HomeSeer, then that is the best integration and the easiest to set up with HSTouch. If the music system does not use a plug-in, it is still possible to integrate it with HomeSeer and HSTouch, but it may be more difficult and might require some custom scripts to be written to work with playlists and other complex features of music systems.

          Audience Question:
          Q: When discussing the HSTouch portion of the evening, could you please speak to your plans on multi-touch support? (Specifically Win7)[Mister Mister] [Q: 8:26 PM]
          A: We have not looked at it yet, but we like it!

          Audience Question:
          Q: Any way to control Sonos with HS Touch?[Bob Pidgeon] [Q: 8:38 PM]
          A: No deep integration today, but you can do most of what Rich has shown - it will take some work though.
          See the above answer as well for more detail.

          Q: I'm familiar with using code in vb to modify properties of a button (such as modifying an icon, text, font, etc.) but can you cover the basics of how to develop things such as a toggle or a button or other object that modifies properties (e.g: a lock/unlock button for the Schlage Link that changes color and uses custom icons, or alarm statuses for the M1 systems to toggle through arming modes). [Dane Maron] [Q: 8:54 PM]
          The scripting session that we have planned would be a good time to bring this up, because buttons added by users are driven by scripts in what they do when the button is pressed.

          Q: I ran out of deployments. Why does it make a new connection when you deploy? I had to restart HomeSeerPro to clear the unit count back to 1[Steven Totolo] [Q: 8:43 PM]
          A: Deployment should not remove connection counts.

          Q: I'm sorry guys how do I setup a button to execute a manual event?[David Heidt] [Q: 8:57 PM]
          See the example script in the help file for the DeviceButtonAdd script command, and in the script that is run when the button is pressed, have it use the TriggerEvent, TriggerEventEx, or DelayTrigger script command to trigger an event (manual or otherwise).

          Audience Question:
          Q: what's the simplest way to resize one 'good' HSTouch Project for different size displays (not the iphone).[j sanford] [Q: 8:43 PM]
          A: You can select multiple controls and change their sizes all at once, but there is no "great" way to change the entire project.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Sorry I was trying to follow along in HS touch. I have it installed but have never launched it yet. How do we launch it from the HS screen?[Brian Pietrzyk] [Q: 8:46 PM]
          A: They are separate programs in your start menu.

          Audience Question:
          Q: is their an executable that we can download that will just install the designer and if so, where would we download it?[Jerry Coleman] [Q: 8:47 PM]
          A: For the designer only, use the custom install option and tell it not to install the client.

          Q: Where can I downloadinstallation info on PoE for HSTouch? I am on your web site but cannot find anything but glossy PR stuff.[Jim White] [Q: 9:00 PM]
          PoE, or Power over Ethernet, is an electronic/electrical feature of an electronic device that utilizes communication via Ethernet. Thus, this would not be something covered by the HSTouch documentation. Please consult the documentation for the hardware platform that you are using HSTouch with.

          Audience Question:
          Q: How can you filter say by Song, Genre, or artist?[Bryan Mora] [Q: 8:48 PM]
          A: Yes, but not all at once - only one at a time.

          Q: Do you have an option of RANDOM? So you could select say "Christmas Music" and then Random[Keith Burns] [Q: 9:04 PM]
          It depends upon the music control plug-in that you are using whether there is a built-in voice recognition feature to speak Random, and if so, how it is used properly. However, if you have a music plug-in of any type that supports an event action to randomize, then you can create your own by adding a voice recognition phrase to an event that you set up, where the action of the event is to randomize the current playlist.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Newbie: Android phone integration? when time gives..[Alex Watson] [Q: 8:44 PM]
          A: When time and resources allow, we definitely want to do it.

          Q: how about addicon i/o status screen[edward reilly] [Q: 9:05 PM] Are there templates available? Does the homeseer user base share their HSTouch configuration files?[James Conaway] [Q: 8:44 PM]
          A: Yes, and yes users do share pieces of their configuration (graphics, scripts, etc. in the HSTouch forum on the message board.)

          Q: Any idea on the SDK for the iSlate tablet from apple? I here they are giving developers tools to scale their apps to accommodate a 10" screen?[Bryan Mora] [Q: 9:07 PM] Q: It was ansered by the other questions and answers...specifically that there is not a universal screen size. Thanks.[Ken Johnson] [Q: 9:08 PM]

          Audience Question:
          Q: Also, an recommendations on US weather feeds with prettier graphics than what is available by default in HSTouch. I have tried other feeds, but I can't seem to pull the correct fields from the RSS.[Tyler Collier] [Q: 8:47 PM]
          A: You can use your own graphics, but many are brought in from the data service so they can only be changed if you use a different RSS feed service. (On the weather screen that is...)

          Q: How can I interface with TempLincs to track temperatures in different parts of the house (say garage}?[Neil Halin] [Q: 9:08 PM]
          You can set up an event to run a script whenever the value of the TempLinc device changes, and in that script have it write the temperature to a file. You can write to a file using script code or to make it easier, you can use the HomeSeer INI file script commands. If you write to the file yourself, then you can use a CSV format, thus making it possible to be opened by Excel for example, so that you can quickly/easily create a chart or graph of the temperature. The PowerTrigger plug-in (3rd Party) also has some logging and graphing features that were created for just such a purpose.

          Q: At what frequency are RSS feeds updated, i.e. data pulled from the RSS server?[Philippe Printz] [Q: 9:09 PM]
          It is updated every 10 minutes by default, and can be changed by changing an INI setting that is documented in the HSTouch help file.

          Q: Is it possible to open 2 dfifferent projects so we can copy object from one to another? That would be very helpful.[Martin Ruzicka] [Q: 9:09 PM]
          Good idea, but alas no, it is not currently possible. You can, however, directly edit the XML configuration file to copy objects from one configuration to another. The other way is to save the object from one project to a template, and then use the template in the other project. A third way is to start your new project by first copying the old project to a new file, and then simply delete/remove the objects/elements that you do not want.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Will there be any demos at CES this week?[Chuck Kissner] [Q: 8:53 PM]
          A: Sorry, we are not exhibiting at CES any longer. We sometimes exhibit at CEDIA and occasionally one of the EH shows in Orlando or Long Beach, California.

          Audience Question:
          Q: I'd like to have one master HS touch project that works and looks good, then deploy that project to different windows screens with different display sizes.[j sanford] [Q: 8:45 PM]
          A: You would have to create a screen using the smallest screen size and waste space on the larger screens.

          Audience Question:
          Q: I am having intermittent issues with HSTouch updating some of my elements/weather feeds. These are "static" elements, not buttons, but if they do not update, I can "touch" them and then they seem to change. Any feedback would be great! [Tyler Collier] [Q: 8:46 PM]
          A: Check the log for disconnects or RSS feed errors.

          Q: I have an iphone project with graphics for lights. There is one graffic for ON, one for OFF and one for DIM. These are assigned to image tracking for the light. The on and off graphics work fine. The dim graphic does not show when the light is dim on the iphone. The dim graphic does show in the designer. Any ideas why I don't see the dim icon on the iphone?[Tim Shephard] [Q: 9:13 PM]
          This may be a limitation in the client, or a communication error. If the log does not show any errors, try posting the question to the HSTouch forum to see if others with the iPhone have run into this same issue.

          Q: If this question is too specific, please feel free to defer to an off-line answer: If one has a HS device with many possible values which should be displayed as just one or two images in HSTouch, then the same status image must be added over and over in the image editor (once per device value). Is there a plan to allow a given status image to be added for a device with a list or range of values specified for MatchValue? Thanks.[Don Schoppe] [Q: 9:13 PM] Q: Does the weather screen normally flicker when first launched on the Homeseer Touch Screen?[Bob Pidgeon] [Q: 9:14 PM]
          Flickering can occur when the information is updated, even if the same information and graphics is what is being displayed.

          Audience Question:
          Q: When I view my iPhone project in the client on the same machine HSTouch Designer is on, the backgrounds and buttons don't all appear. They are there yet invisible.[Jim Beletti] [Q: 8:48 PM]
          A: Sounds like the client did not have the project with graphics deployed to it - the client runs in a different directory as if it were on a different computer, so the graphics may not be in the same root folder.

          Q: How do I create a help desk ticket? I would like to get the HS Phone issue withb sending a DTMF # fixed.[Frank Ruffino] [Q: 9:16 PM]
          The Support page at the HomeSeer website has information on helpdesk tickets.

          Q: Will there ever be a version of HS Touch that will run on a MAC?[Bob Pidgeon] [Q: 9:17 PM] Can you show how to create a playlist?[Scott DesBles] [Q: 8:50 PM]
          A: You have to do that (today) in your music plug-in.

          Q: is it possable to choose which speaker client plays music?[Jerry Coleman] [Q: 9:17 PM]
          Speaker clients are not the output for music plug-ins. It would be the sound board in the system that the music player is being run at.

          Q: Sorry if this is a repeat...can I link one HSTouch client to two separate servers? [Dave Delgado] [Q: 9:18 PM]
          No, this will not work. However, you can have HomeSeer system 1, via scripting, download information from HomeSeer system 2 periodically, and then that would allow HSTouch connected to HomeSeer system 1 to display that information.

          Audience Question:
          Q: is there a preferred naming convention when creating the "musictest" file. What has worked best for you? name of hstouch client location like Kitchen, etc?[Steven Karl] [Q: 8:51 PM]
          A: We (and the software) do not have any preference.

          Q: Not a HS Touch question, but would like to know your thoughts (pros or cons) on running a second Z-wave interface.[Scott DesBles [Q: 9:19 PM] Is it possible to have a single client session address two separate locations? For an instance to control the local house, yet allow access to cameras/lighting/temps at another location[Dave Delgado] [Q: 8:54 PM]
          A: No, but you can have 2 clients (HSTouch) on one system, or have one HomeSeer system talk to the other and download information from it for display on your primary HomeSeer system.

          Q: Is it possible to stream video to HSTouch? Like from a security camera?[James Conaway] [Q: 9:20 PM]
          If your video transmission takes place over HTTP, then it may work having the URL referenced in a text object that uses the HTML feature.

          Q: when inserting a web page feed how do you get scrolling to work[Green Acres] [Q: 9:22 PM]
          In the thread for this session, see my somewhat detailed answer that I posted there.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Will the Russound SMS3 be available as a source?[Steven Totolo] [Q: 8:51 PM]
          A: Probably not as we have not worked with it, but if we get one from Russound we can try it.

          Q: Can you show how a single button can toggle a homeseer device and show its state. Right now I am creating a button for on and another for off.[irfan hafiz] [Q: 9:23 PM] Q: So if you are running itunes or whatever on the HS server, then you are controlling the music on the HS server?[Keith Burns] [Q: 9:24 PM] With a audio control like this, where does the music actually play, on the HSTouch computer, or on another computer?[Keith Burns] [Q: 8:54 PM]
          A: On the HomeSeer computer unless it is a distributed audio system.
          See the above answer for more details.

          Q: can the music be routed through the speaker client?[Jerry Coleman] [Q: 9:24 PM]
          No, that is not possible at this time.

          Q: Are you going to cover anything else other that music and HSTouch/[James Conaway] [Q: 9:03 PM]
          A: Yes! Soon

          Q: Can you select which sound device is to used on the fly in HST? e.g I would like to play regular audio at times through a sound card and other times I would like to play a MIDI file to a MIDI device vis a USB to MIDI adapter.. [Frank Ruffino] [Q: 9:26 PM] Back on HSTouch and music - Can you show how you would create boxes to select by Playlist, Artist or Genre?[Mark Sullivan] [Q: 8:55 PM]
          A: Demonstrating in the video now...

          Audience Question:
          Q: If you have created a collection screens within a project and you have multiple touch screen and you want each touch screen to have a different default screen, how do you set the default screen for each touch screen?[Keith Burns] [Q: 9:00 PM]
          A: You have to change/set the "Home" or default screen in each project separately. However, if you name the screens "Home" in every project, and just change the content, then they can all have the same default screen name.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Can I use playlists that I have filtered using WMP or iTunes[Danne Peterson] [Q: 9:04 PM]
          A: Not at this time, but we are working on some playlist manipulation features that *might* allow this.

          Q: OK, how do I tell HSTouch that screen 3 is the HOME screen for this project?[Keith Burns] [Q: 9:29 PM] Q: Will future versions of designer support layers?[irfan hafiz] [Q: 9:29 PM]
          We are uncertain at this time if we will be able to do layers, but we would like that as well and so will keep visiting this.

          Audience Question:
          Q: can we play a live web stream like winamp or ms player?[Irek Malinowski] [Q: 9:05 PM]
          A: Yes, HSTouch and many of the music plug-ins do not care what type of source a "track" is whether it is streaming or not.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Can you search for a specific song[Green Acres] [Q: 9:04 PM]
          A: Not really - you can filter, but it does not "search".

          Q: When adding a web page feed how do you get scrolling to work[Green Acres] [Q: 9:12 PM] [A: 12:10 PM]
          A: I answered that in the forum thread!

          Q: Can we have some discussion on HSPhone setup including the outgoing message in the default mailbox vs. the phone setup External Call Settings System Greeting.[Tim Shephard] [Q: 9:31 PM] Is there client support for Linux systems such as Ubuntu?[Mike Brand] [Q: 9:12 PM] [A: 12:12 PM]
          A: We have been working on some Linux code - for HomeSeer itself even - but no dates yet on when something would be available. Q: Anything in the works for a Speaker Client to run on the Homeseer touch screen so the microphone can be used??[Bob Pidgeon] [Q: 9:05 PM]
          We plan on adding that feature, but are currently visiting that hardware platform as there have been upgrades made available for it, as well as some new hardware platforms that would allow us to run standard Windows or embedded Windows, which would then allow the speaker client that we currently have to run on them.

          Q: Any plans for a Blackberry Storm client?[Michael Kobos] [Q: 9:34 PM]
          Sorry, nothing in the works for the Storm at this time.

          Q: Any plans for Home Seer to add the capability to email on non-standard ports (IE: Comcast now uses port 587[Rodney Sharp] [Q: 9:37 PM] Q: Is the current version of HS2/HSPro supported on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Home Server?[Dave Lilienthal] [Q: 9:43 PM] Q: If I want to create a a group for insteon devices that contains several devices that all turn on at the same time, how do I create the group. Currently I have events that turn on many lights at dusk and they turn on one after another instead off all at the same time and at the same ramp rate.[Jamie Dumanski] [Q: 9:51 PM]
          I do not have enough knowledge about Insteon personally to be able to answer this, but I suspect that you will get an answer quickly at the Insteon forum of the message board.

          Q: Please do a webinar on HSPhone.[Frank Ruffino] [Q: 10:00 PM]
          We are! It has been scheduled.

          Q: How can I change the device code for a device that was assigned by a plug in e.g. insteon. Rover can not control devices with Punctuation in the device code. i.e #12 , %10 etc.[Frank Ruffino] [Q: 10:03 PM] Q: how do i get rid of this error at start up "web server error 404, cannot serve file C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HSPRO\html"[derek vanhoose] [Q: 10:08 PM]
          A file is being referenced by the web server, and either you are using the Microsoft web server and something is not set up correctly, or a reference to a file in the HTML directory is including the HTML directory name when it should not. When something is referenced at a HomeSeer website, the root of that website is the HTML directory, so (for example) specifying /html/favorite.htm is the same as asking for /html/html/favorite.htm. If that does not help, consider posting something to the Web Server forum on the message board, or the paid support forum.

          Q: I have the USB SmartStick from you. I haven't even looked for an update -- is there one & would there be any reason or cause to look for one? Any REALLY good reason I should look to another interface instead of the SmartStick?[Darrel H] [Q: 10:16 PM] Q: Will the Z-troller be able to control the schlage locks? I know you had some issues trying to get the firmware updated.[Steven Karl] [Q: 10:16 PM] Q: I have noticed there is a different Cooper ZWave Ztroller Plus more $$$ Why[Gary Mull] [Q: 10:16 PM] Q: Is HAI plugin upgraded for new HAI software / Ethernet comm... scheduled?[Tom Pate] [Q: 10:16 PM]
          No, we are not planning this at this time due to a lack of a large enough number of users to support this effort. We have offered to provide the source code, under NDA, to anybody who wishes to take over the plug-in for making these changes, but there has not been anybody willing to do this so far.

          Audience Question:
          Q: what is a good ZWave network interface?[Mike Brand] [Q: 9:51 PM]
          A: The Z-Troller, of course!
          It uses RS-232 rather than USB, so it can be located far from the HomeSeer computer, it uses the Installer library so the network information can be backed up and restored easily, it can be detached from HomeSeer without shutting down HomeSeer so that you can add or remove nodes, it has buttons on it so that you can add/remove nodes without having to have a HomeSeer computer with you, and it has a display letting you know the node number of newly added nodes and which nodes are communicating with the interface.

          Audience Question:
          Q: This has been helpful. Are there plans for future Webinar's?[Jeff Morgan] [Q: 9:58 PM]
          A: Yes!

          Audience Question:
          Q: Can you turn the volume in iTunes plugin up and down via an action. I want to make a volume control from a keypad. So it cannot just go to a certain percentage.[Tim Shephard] [Q: 9:57 PM]
          A: Yes

          Q: I have been using HS since 1.2 and I still have several questions that I am sure we will not cover this evening. My question for now is I hear a lot of talk about Zwave. My home is all X10 and there are 80 plus codes involved. What would be the best way to start a switch over to Zwave and will I be so much happier with zwave over x10 (speed not being an issue.?[Jeff Morgan] [Q: 10:19 PM]
          This was answered in the session, so you can hear the whole answer by listening to the recording. Essentially, since HomeSeer allows the use of both interfaces at once, you can choose to implement Z-Wave as slow or fast as you want or your budget allows.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Does HSPhone require the modem sold by homerseer or can we use another type?[David Heidt] [Q: 10:00 PM]
          A: For all of the HSPhone features, you need our modem (no longer made) or the Way2Call Hi-Phone.Can you address this question when you talk about question 7? I upgraded from HT2 to HSPRO on HT2. What is the differnece between the HT2 HSsentry and the HSPRO HSsentry? i.e. hardware of software watchdog etc. etc. [Jim Karney] [Q: 10:08 PM]
          A: HT2 is hardware based, the HSPro one is software based.

          Q: is it possible to use HSPhone for voice commands, but use voicemail from my phone carrier (AT&T UVerse)?[Ed Roze] [Q: 10:23 PM] was this recorded so we can watch later... came in late[John Wilson] [Q: 10:13 PM]
          A: you betcha!

          Audience Question:
          Q: Thanks so much guys. This has been great.[David Heidt] [Q: 10:14 PM]
          A: Our pleasure!

          Q: Newbee here.. what is your thoughts on insteon from smarthome.. [mike carlson] [Q: 10:25 PM]
          Have you looked at Z-Wave, UPB, or one of the hardwired lighting control systems?

          Q: Can you try and make the saved webinar viewable on a mac? See:[Tim Shephard] [Q: 10:25 PM]
          Yes, we can/will try to do that.

          Audience Question:
          Q: What's the current status of the z-troller with regard to the schalge locks?[Jonathan Smith] [Q: 10:09 PM]
          A: Almost there...

          Q: Do you have an Onkyo RS-232 Receiver plugin available for HS?[John Wilson] [Q: 10:27 PM]
          I do not believe one exists, and we definitely do not have one, but the author of the Denon one might be interested in creating one. You can probably also use a script to control an Onkyo via RS-232.

          Audience Question:
          Q: any plans for a z-troller with an ethernet interface? How about beaming for SChlage locks via Z-troller?[Ed Roze] [Q: 10:15 PM]
          A: Beaming will be in the Z-Troller with the 5.02P3 library we are trying to finalize now. We would like an Ethernet Z-Troller, but right now the LS100 is working.

          Q: Is there an affordable ZNiffer somewhere? I see a full dev kit for $1500, but is more than what one would need to watch traffic[Bill Smith] [Q: 10:28 PM]
          No, this is intellectual property of Zensys, and so only licensees of their development system have access to them. Currently, it is a special set of firmware that can be put into one of their nodes to act like a ZNiffer, but with future Zensys chips and libraries, it looks like it would be possible for us to write our own ZNiffer interface.

          Q: I mean I am using homeseer and the MM443 controlling its relays through commands on a serial interface.. a better way to door relay besides the Napco 9600 security system.[David Heidt] [Q: 10:32 PM] Q: Any cool new z-wave products coming out soon?[Jonathan Smith] [Q: 10:34 PM] I've been using the Elk MM443 relays to control my door strikes with a custom script through a serial interface. Any suggestions on resonable multiple relay system to interface with homeseer.[David Heidt] [Q: 10:30 PM]
          A: There are products in our store, including the WGL multiple relay board (RS232) or the Z-Wave ZRF113
          And see the previous answer above.

          Audience Question:
          Q: I see the Z troller says not for use in Europe - what are our options over here ?[Kevin Warner] [Q: 10:34 PM] [A: 1:19 PM]
          A: We do not have a European frequency Z-Troller, but we (HomeSeer) do support other interfaces that support the European Z-Wave frequency - one is made by ACT that I have used for testing and it works well.
          Although I was recently made aware that they have yet to make a Windows 7 compatible driver for it.

          Audience Question:
          Q: In tonight's demo (HS Pro) are you using the production or beta release?[Dane Maron] [Q: 10:31 PM] [A: 1:21 PM]
          A: One production, one beta.

          Q: a little off topic, what is a zwave companion switch?[Mike Brand] [Q: 10:42 PM] Q: What is the easiest way for someone with minimal-to-moderate experience to make major changes to the 'skin' of HS? Example, change background color to black and text to white for all pages[Darrel H] [Q: 10:42 PM] Q: Any good product that will detect ambient light (outdoors) for controlling events.[Keith Burns] [Q: 10:42 PM]
          Pretty much any photocell connected to an analog input on some controller will work. If you do not have any analog inputs, then you can use an HSM100. If you mount it against a window, then it will work fine without modification. If you mount it outside, then besides making sure that Z-Wave still works to it, you are likely to need to seal the control board (which will void your warranty) so that condensation from temperature changes does not short out the board.

          Q: quick one...can you show how to use the Edit Device Values-Status/Graphics when in a device?[j sanford] [Q: 10:43 PM] Zwave is Intermatic gone for good?[Green Acres] [Q: 10:44 PM]
          A: Gone for good.

          Audience Question:
          Q: Why would one use the Media Player plugin vs the iTunes plugin?[Tim Shephard] [Q: 10:42 PM]
          A: Personal Preference.

          Q: Can you post the script lines for turning up the volume in iTunes via an acton? Thanks again![Tim Shephard] [Q: 10:48 PM]
          Post this question to the iTunes forum as I know of at least one individual who adjusts his volume with scripts and can probably help you, otherwise this might be a good topic for the script specific session coming up.

          Thanks to all who participated!

          Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")