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Session 6 - Sunday, March 7th, 2010, 1:00PM EST - Topic: Z-Wave

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    Originally posted by Daigaard View Post
    Hi Rick,

    Still no success.

    I tried to associate the Root device to HomeSeer (Please see picture) but I get an error: Error - To add an association, a group number is required. Make sure your device supports association groups.

    Am I doing this correctly?

    The only associate option I have is: HomeSeer is that correct?

    What is the next step?


    z-wave smoke alarm? Where did you get that?



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      Originally posted by pogle View Post
      I have a Zensys Zwave lamp controller that is shown in my Z-weer, but I cant delete it and zseer is not able to talk to it. How can I delete it from my HS /Zseer network since I apparently cant communicate with it?
      You need to delete it from your PC interface first, and then delete it from your HomeSeer config (status page)

      Originally posted by pogle View Post
      I have a large HS X10/Insteon/Zwave network but am also experimenting with a MiCasaVerde controller to set up at a vacation home eventually. Is there any way for devices on the Vera network to also be controlled by HS?
      With the v1 Vera, you could simply transfer the Z-Stick from that box to a HomeSeer system and control the same network. However, vera appears to be changing to a new design that has an internal Z-Wave controller. That would prevent sharing the network. Note too that the Vera box must be power-cycled, if it gets into a bad state. Our HomeTroller resets itself automatically if a problem is encountered. If your vacation home is a good distance away, that might be significant!

      Originally posted by pogle View Post
      Anything planned for an iPhone based controller for Zwave et al?
      We already have a native iPhone app for HSTouch.. that will control anything in your HomeSeer config (including Z-Wave). If you've not seen it, here's the link:

      Originally posted by pogle View Post
      When will the Z-Troller be updated to have a USB interface, (vs serial)?
      It's on our list but probably won't happen this year.
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