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How To Control Your Garage Door with HomeSeer

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    How To Control Your Garage Door with HomeSeer

    If you've ever left for work in the morning only to find your garage door has been open overnight of if you've ever returned home from work to find your garage door has been open all day, this "How To" is for you!

    The easiest way to monitor and control your garage door with HomeSeer is to use a compatible door sensor and contact closure controller. A list of these devices may be found in our HomeSeer Application Guide. The diagram below is based on readily available Z-Wave devices.

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    As you can see, the Evolve LFM-20 contact closure module is wired in parallel with the existing garage door push button switch. This will simulate a push button action to open or close the door and is controlled with a Homeseer event. An Everspring Z-Wave door sensor provides open/closed status back to HomeSeer.

    So, here's what you would need to remotely control your garage door using HomeSeer and Z-Wave:
    1. HomeSeer System
    2. Z-Wave interface
    3. Z-Wave contact closure module
    4. Z-Wave door sensor
    5. IP Camera (optional but recommended)

    Note: The addition of a IP Net Camera is HIGHLY recommended for safety as it provides visual status for the area around the door. Garage doors are big and heavy and can injure people or pets if closed on them. Don't forget to add one of these.
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    UPDATE: If you don't already have the fixture module and you're looking for a better alternative, use the Linear GD00Z garage door controller instead.
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